Friday, October 09, 2009

I've been a baaaaad stitcher

.... I stashed. Why? Why? Why? Why? I need no stash. Not a bit -- well maybe the occasional floss, but no patterns. So, in the face of needing NOTHING, I got:

2009 09 30 019Midsummer Nights Designs -- A Patriot's Sampler (I will have to change that top verse.)
2009 09 30 022
I just love this -- I love violets so it had to be mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. All mine.
2009 09 30 023
Possibly I'm attracted to this because it looks so darn peaceful.
2009 09 30 025
I don't exactly know why, but I love this.
2009 09 30 026
As long as I'm doing winter, I may as well do summer, right? Besides, those are sheep in them thar hills!
2009 09 30 028
2009 09 30 029
2009 09 30 016
Midsummer Nights Designs -- Memorial Sampler
2009 09 30 021

Then there had to be:
2009 09 30 030
Of which I have picked my immediate favorites (do you have favorites? What are they? I simply have to know!!!)--
2009 09 30 031
2009 09 30 032
2009 09 30 036
(the Santa and polar bear)
2009 10 01 006
(I absolutely adore the snow globe idea!)
2009 10 01 007
2009 10 01 008
2009 10 01 009
(the bird and the tree)

OMG -- What was I thinking???? How am I ever going to get all this stitching done? Wait a minute. Is it really our intent to get it all done? What do you think? Do you think you'll stitch most of your stash some day?

Also, do you have this problem -- you buy charts (you don't need) and then you are *compelled* to buy fabric for said charts. It's stash begatting stash. Oooo, self perpetuating hobbies are pretty cool don't you think?

I wish you all a pleasant evening/day. I'm about to finish my work week--- unless you count my week by when they stopped paying me for my time -- that was Wednesday evening. That aside, I'm heading out a bit early tonight for Club Sookie. Three of us get together to watch True Blood on TiVo. We're down to the last 3 episodes of the season. There will be bar-b-que and possibly salads and corn on the cob. There will also be dog-bonding time. Our hostess has a new furry friend -- drat I thought I had a picture of Luke, but it'll have to wait for next time.


Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Ummm... that's not being a bad stitcher but rather a good stitcher and a "I fell off the wagon needlework shopper". Though I feel that if I get the benefit of the shopping experience equal to the amount that I spent? Well, it was a good day! :-)

Yes, I do have the latest issue and I love several designs in this issue. Especially the Heartsrings Santa. But then you already knew that I was the president of the Pat fan club! :-)

Windy Meadow

Brigitte said...

Good. Absolutely good. Stashing is always good. And the charts you stashed are great. So, what! Lol.

Kathy A. said...

Well, if one has to fall of the wagon, those are some beautiful patterns to fall off with. Wait, you mean we are supposed to stitch everything we think we need to have. In that case, you and I are in big trouble girl.

mainely stitching said...

You have EXCELLENT taste! I love everything. :D

Carolyn NC said...

Great stash - I have my eye on that Tournicoton!

Sharon said...

Great stash! I do the same thing-I must have fabric and threads and who knows when or if I will ever get to it.

Polly said...

Ruth I love True Blood you guys are going to love the last episodes. Have fun. Polly

Daffycat said...

Not a bit of it...Stashing restoreth the soul...

I think of it as "saving for retirement." Perhaps I'll be on a fixed income and can't afford it then!

Mylene said...

Those are great stash.

Cindy said...

You picked out some wonderful new things :)

Oh boy...I will never, ever stitch everything I have. My tastes change, and the new stuff is always so much fun. I would hate to skip buying something and then have a compelling urge to stitch it down the road and then find that it was OOP!!

Chris said...

Great stash you got. Love the violet sampler.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great new stash! Looks like money well spent!

Sally said...

Stashing is very good Ruth and very nice new stash you got too:)

Charlene said...

Ah - a stasher after my own heart! Lovely choices you've made! Will be watching to see which you begin - from Friendly Stitchers.