Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stitching in Paradise

Well, I have a few spare moments so let me try and catch you up on the joys of house sitting. Some of you were around for my adventures last year in house sitting at Chez Sublime. Let me assure you that it is no less lovely this time around.

I came to The Resort on the heals of returning from DC. I was still jet lagged and a wee fuzzy in general from the trip so I didn't exactly pack with thoughtful consideration. For instance I decided it was brightest just to quickly take out the heaviest sweaters from the DC suitcase, toss in a couple light shirts and sweaters and my favorite office cardigan and jacket, and call it a day -- after all, it's winter here in CA too. Well, imagine my lack of humor when after two days of highs near 60, we hopped straight into mid spring and haven't had a high below 70 ever since. Sigh.

Anyway, the logic that went into my clothes packing also went into my stitching. Remember last year? I arrived at the house with all this:
6_26_2008 061
and this:
6_26_2008 073

This time I "only" arrived with this:
1_26_2008 048
Pathetic, eh.

Here's some close-ups to show you what's been happening with my needles since last I reported.... (aka, The Not Much Report):
I am most proud of my progress as part of the blessed Beatrix Potter SAL -- from this:
1_26_2008 052
to this:
1_26_2008 065
Progress on this is also courtesy of Jenn's arrival with my needlepoint shop's latest beading needle threader by Colonial. Now I know I have a picture.... where'd it go????

I also have progressed on my Gathering of Hearts. I've made it from here:
1_12_2008 080
all the way to here:
2_01_2008 044
If you want to see a lovely, COMPLETED one, go visit Cindy who was apparently egged on suitably by me to put her final bits in. Good show, Cindy!

And on my needlepoint clock face from here:
1_23_2008 081
to more than here, but I don't have the proper photo:
2_01_2008 045

I've also made progress on my BBD bouquet -- from round about here--
11_23_2008 002
to here--
2_01_2008 049

And since last Saturday when it was black, I've been obsessed with my latest needlepoint:
2_01_2008 051

I have to quit my house-sitting adventure this weekend when the real property owners return from their trip. I wonder how much I can get done by then? I'd like to state my goals for the rest of the week... let's just see how far I get. I'd like to:
1. finish the clock face
2. work on the Zuni bear needlepoint-- here's what it looks like right now:
8_2_2008 015
3. finish BBD bouquet
4. progress as far as possible on my new "5th" needlepoint

I feel I also owe ya'll an update on Chez Lovely life. While so many of you are under snow, this might be mean, but while you look at these shots around the yard, think of your impending Spring ---
1_12_2008 013
1_12_2008 016
1_12_2008 020
1_12_2008 023
1_12_2008 038
1_12_2008 041
1_12_2008 044
1_24_2008 004
Someday your Spring will come!!!!!!!!!


karen said...

great pics Ruthie!! a bit of progress on everything! i am with you on that!! i have WAY too many gonig at once here and really trying to get some of them weeded out!
Love the resort shots as well! We are also having springy weather here in AZ, it's been close to 80 the past few days, it's beautiful. If it would only stay like this year round it would be a perfect place. LOL

Siobhan said...

Wonderful progress on your WIPs!! It looks like you're getting a lot done while house sitting. YGG! Love the flower pics. I have noticed some of the daffodil foliage peeping out of the ground here.

Brigitte said...

Your WIP progress pictures are very interesting, it's great to see one's progress by comparing with older pictures.
Oh, and so many flower pictures. It looks like spring. That's what I'd like to see here, too.

Kathy A. said...

Well, you certainly toned it down from last spring. There are some lovely WIP's there. How wonderful the weather is these days. Like Karen, I am soaking up the warm weather. Hopefully, the rest of the country will see spring soon too. Enjoy your last few days in paradise

Carolyn NC said...

Gorgeous stitching and gorgeous pics! Enjoy the rest of your time in the house!

Stitchingranny said...

Oh you have been busy and I am sure you will make your targets.

The lovely pictures of the flowers have brightened up a very white snowy day here.

Chris said...

Great progress on the WIP's you brought with you to the "resort". Regarding the weather, let's see, I believe it was around 16 degrees this morning when I left for work. Around 11:30, we had warmed to 26. Currently, 2:55pm, it's a balmy 31 degrees (with wind chill, 25 degrees). However, after tonight, we warm up considerably for Friday, Sat, and Sunday, upper 60's maybe 70 on Sunday.

Enjoy the last days at the "resort".

Milly~ said...

Lovely WIPs but those flowers are awesome!!!

Cindy said...

Your WIPS are all looking great!

I am totally ready for warm weather :)

Beth said...

Since this is my first day at home with power in ten days, those flower pictures really helped my spirit. Thanks.

I am really impressed with all of the stitching you have gotten done is such a short time. My stitching, with being "homeless", has not progressed so well. But, that just leaves me with that many more hours of enjoyment to look forward to. Or something smaltzy like that....

Linen Stitcher said...

You travel with stitching like I do. Only I never get to all of the projects I pack, and here you are making lovely progress on ALL of yours!

Enjoy your latest house-sitting and stitching gig!

Nina said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for your kind comment!

Wow!! You make amazing great works!
Your blog is new to me, but 'Im sure I'll read you often ;)

Regards from Hungary,