Friday, October 31, 2008

Pals stitch! (aka showing off)

Let me introduce you to some fine Pals traditions!

First, The Stitcher’s Showcase -- On Saturday night Pals proudly display their fondest finishes—both finished-finished and unfinished. There is voting and prizes, but mostly there is much coveting, envy, and patting on the back. Among the goodies this year were:

Some of the “small-finished” category lined up for viewing:
10_19_2008 129
At the end closest to you is our friend, Karen's finished bag from last year's Pals M Designs class

The small end of the “large-finished” category:
10_19_2008 132

Amy's JN Halloween set:
10_19_2008 130

Mandy's SB Christmas Drawers:
10_19_2008 131

Tracey’s tiger’s eyes (I think it’s a Stoney Creek pattern, but don’t quote me)
10_19_2008 134

Tracey’s SR-71 (dang I love this plane!!!!)
10_19_2008 136

Teresa’s Last Supper:
10_19_2008 137

Teresa’s hummingbird welcome (this is the one that I mentioned categorized her as being completely insane--- she stitched TWO of these --- count them… TWO!!!!)
10_19_2008 138

Fiona’s Mirabilia fairy
10_19_2008 142
10_19_2008 144

Fiona’s Mirabilia lady
10_19_2008 146
10_19_2008 148

Rita’s seascape (she'd like you to know the sky was a pain in the fanny which she stitched on the angel rather than across --- to great effect -- good show Rita!)
10_19_2008 149

Amy’s pinkeep
10_19_2008 157

Chris’ Mirabilia Christmas fairy
10_19_2008 152

Char’s My Big Tow Lord’s Prayer
10_19_2008 150

We’re a pretty talented bunch, huh? Well, they’re a pretty talented bunch… I brought nothing to show off.

Another tradition is the Creative Stitch Contest where Pals take an existing pattern and without changing the words/existing layout, embellish/creatively reinterpret the pattern. On Friday night entrants display (sans name of stitcher) their take on the year’s pattern, a LK freebie. This year’s entrants did a marvelous job, imho.
10_19_2008 074
10_19_2008 075
10_19_2008 076
10_19_2008 077
10_19_2008 078

More soon. Don't forget, the blogiversary thingy is still open.

Happy Stitching everyone!!!!


Gaynor said...

Wow..all fantastic. I love the idea of taking a chart and leaving it up to interpretation. Amazing. Well done all!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Lot's of beautiful projects!

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Okay, I now have to buy the Just Nan Halloween Set! Sigh...

Windy Meadow

Carol R said...

Wow - a great display of works!

Sally said...

Wow what a wonderful array of finishes!

Hazel said...

These are amazing - so inspiring! What a great idea. xx

Solstitches said...

Wonderful to be able to see all these beautiful finishes up close and personal.
What a fabulous display!


Chiasmata said...

Wow! There's some amazing stitching right there. I bet you all had a fantastic time, nattering about stitching all night.

I really like the embelishment challenge idea. It's a great way to make something your own.