Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Still hanging on to my waning moments of bliss

Hey there. The clock is ticking away on my time here in fantasy land. It can't be over! I tell you it just can't!!! I haven't bonded with the hammock yet. I haven't spent nearly enough time chilling on the swing (hmm, must remember to take a picture of My Swing!) on the porch of the guest house. Did I mention the guest house? It has a quail door knocker. Ya'll know I love quail, right? I mean is this destiny or what? A quail door knocker? It was obviously meant to be -- me, on that porch swing, admiring the quail door knocker. Sigh.
6_26_2008 048
Isn't he great? As an impressionable and easily distracted child I spent many long hours in the deserts of CA counting quail (not at all like counting coup, I promise) and sometimes road runners while we drove for hours and hours and hours to meet up with other pigeon breeders/racers and/or train birds. Ahh, the good ole days. You know what, we used to do it all without air conditioning either> I guess I used to be tougher. lol

As I mentioned, I had a stitch fest in honor of a buddy from way out of town dropping by. Here's the crew:
7_06_2008 021
that's Jenn (the Queen of the Needlepoint Tallis), yours truly who is standing sideways to cover the pasta spot she put on her shirt during dinner, Julie (visiting after too-long an absence), and Judy who likes to harrass people's stitching. Julie, Judy, and I used to work together (Judy is still my lunch-time stitching buddy) and Jenn, Julie, and I went to grad school together.
We gossiped (I could keep you shocked for hours with the sagas, just suffice it to say Julie deserves a much cooler family-- well at least parts of it-- for those of you who know, it's not funny like when the "car was stolen" -- someday I really must tell you that, it is VERY funny -- it's just shocking and annoying and makes you wonder if people really think their brians are best left curbside in a pool of bitter vindictiveness); we noshed (veggies, chips, dips, hummus, and pita followed by a stunning pasta fest from our fave local restaurant): and we crafted (Jenn worked on a tallis bag and a dimensional turtle; Julie had the softest, coolest yarn she was making a scarf with; I ornied; Judy ornied; adn Allison, Judy's daughter worked in her trademark shades of purple on a Celtic plastic canvas piece); and much frivolity happened throughout the afternoon. Oh, and they let me finish watching Wimbledon without me having to lock them outside to watch in peace. I'm serious about Wimbledon (sorry, I can't get into the French -- tennis should be played on green, not orange. I can stretch it to blue, but no way can I get all the way to orange. It's just not attractive.)

This is us (with Allison) noshing al fresco at the big-people picnic table--
7_06_2008 006
I'm taking the picture of course. For the record, I had the wood-shaved pasta with spicy sausage and tomatos. Since it's the best, there's no need to explain the others.

I have two more finishes to report in the Ornie Campaign --
The St. Ruth's (ya gotta love it) Designs piece from JCS 1998 got finished at the stitch in:
7_06_2008 028
Despite the debate that raged at the stitch-in this weekend, that is Santa's legs WITH BOOTS on them stitcking out of the top of the chimney with his bag dragging off the side. My "dear friend" Judy insisted that it looked lame and that those were like no boots she'd ever seen and what was that big red splot off to the side. Hmpf.
For the record he's on opalascent lugana in DMCs.

And, look, Julie, your ornie is done!
7_06_2008 029
LK's flip-its ornie from last yearwhich Julie saw in my excessive packing pile and wanted me to stitch for her. It's in DMCs on Wichelts hand-dyed jobelan "Summer Sky"-- I love that stuff. I'm thinking I'll do the whole set for myself as one large piece on the Summer Sky. All I will need to do is change the borders of the squares which are all called to be white in the patterns. But that's not hard for an inveterate changer like myself.

You know I can't leve without sharing more of paradise with you. How about some horticulture? I feel especially close to the garden since with the holiday the gardeners have been MIA and I've been bonding with the hoses.
6_26_2008 024
6_26_2008 028
6_26_2008 039
6_26_2008 087

This isn't so much a plant pic, but I think it's too darn cute--
6_26_2008 013
See him?
6_26_2008 014
Doesn't he make you at least think "awwww?"

Some asides:
Courtney -- Duncan says that's properly pronounced "quack"-- as in it "quacked you up." It is the one punhe tolerates.

Kedra, back away from my resort. Go get your own! lol

Linen, you'd think in all that excessive stash I hauled here I'd have an appropriate star, but no. I even hauled back to the hovel and could find one I liked. Sigh.

Chris, I'm glad you're keeping track. I'm scared to count, but then again I'm not sure all my piddly little finishes should count. lol

Svenja, Sharon, Sandy, Sonda, Barbara, Maizey, Sally, and Dani -- thank you for saying such nice things about my ornies/my house sitting reverie. I wish you all could be having this much fun ---- say, did I tell you how the house locked me in yesterday. lol Honest. I'll tell you tomorrow. It's really pretty funny.... unless you think about it too hard and read the occasionaly Harlan Ellison short story/book about large, inanimate objects eating people.


Barbara said...

Ruth, this is a totally fabulous-o post! Loved the pictures of you all having such an obviously great time together (and the 'big people' picnic table totally cracked me up and made me remember family picnics when I was a kid!). This house-sitting gig has been so cool to experience through you - please do it again! :D

Kathryn said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time housesitting. It is a great house. Now if you ever need a quail fix, we have dozens and dozens around our house. Come on over.

Paisley said...

I'm loving your house-sitting posts! It's fun to see you thoroughly enjoying yourself!

tkdchick said...

Oooh Ruth you are just so amusing! I've been looking forward to your next post!

I think its Santa's boots myself hanging out of that chimney!

More great ornie finishes!

Hazel said...

Great post! Looks like you had a wonderful get together and the food sounds fab! Sorry your house sit has to come to an end! xx

Sharon said...

Your are really having some fun-I think it's wonderful! I love the two ornies-especially the little house one- too cute.

Jill said...

Ruth, sounds like your are having a great time, too bad it is coming to an end. Those times with great stitching friends are never long enough!

Linen Stitcher said...

Aaaaahhhh: Stitching at a "resort" with friends. 'Nuff said.

Chiasmata said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful stitchy weekend! I've enjoyed all your 'resort' photos, especially your little named companions. I think the santa stuck in the chimney looks fine! But I was watching The Hogfather this morning, so maybe I'm just in the right mood to see it. It's great to see all these little happy dances. Every single one counts!

Sonda in OR said...

I WANT those hydrangeas...your pics make me drool!!!! I'm lucky if I can keep plants alive and looking well, much less take such great pics of them.

Your little stitching gettogether sounds like fun.