Thursday, August 14, 2008

Denver has much to be proud of....

Despite a cab driver assuring me that the city was "never this clean" and that it was "only this clean because the Democrats are coming," I found the city to be fairly salubrious. I know I enjoyed my day's wanderings in its government and museum districts.

The first thing I should probably exlpain is that I prefer to take pictures of things that don't move. Architecture is favored, followed closely by flora. Mind you, if you want a stiff breeze to pick up, just have me pont a camera at a nearby leaf. Sure as shooting you will get a really dedicated breeze directly correlated to the length of time I aim the camera. Honest. It works every time.

My first post-con day began with repacking. You see, I had spent the night kind f tossing and turning and thinking of better ways to pack all those books I bought. Before there are any snide comments about excessive luggage, You should know I packed a small spare bag in the suitcase which I dutifully filled with books. And between it and the actual suitcase I still only had 59 pounds of luggage. Considering how many book dealers I kept in business, I think I did right well. Ok, sure I had 2 carry-ons and I came home with a hefty list of books I "need to find." What else are cons for if not to ammass books? I mean that is the purpose, right???? Anyway, once repacked I headed downstairs for the nice, long wait for the ONE PERSON working the registration desk at the Crowne Plaza. They never had more than one and a half people working registration despite having a very full hotel. [An abbreviated version of my hotel rant is: If you can get into/have no aversion to the Hyatt or the Hilton, stay there. Avoid the Crowne Plaza it will only aggitate you especially if you don't suffer foolishness well.]

One out the the hotel lobby the day was quite lovely. The first stop was at teh vendor cart outside the U.S. Mint to collect an AZ quarter for my buddy Elaine. As promised said guy and his cart were curbside next to the entrance to the Mint's gift shop and I got the quarter for a mere 75 cents. Mission accomplished. Now, on the the art. ....

Between the State government buildings and the city/county buildings there's both nice architecture and pretty parkland in the Denver core. First I tumbled into
a piece by Robert Mangold (untitled as far as I could find):
8_11_2008 002

Then I wandered the sculptures and flower beds in the square between the city and state buildings --
8_11_2008 013
That's in honor of Christoper Columbus by William F. Joseph (seems very fitting that a lost explorer should be pointing in all directions)
8_11_2008 015
8_11_2008 016
8_11_2008 019
8_11_2008 022
8_11_2008 029

More eventually..... Someone needs to go home and read and work. Two bins of mail waited for me on my office floor. Sigh. That's two bins too many!


Terri M said...

Love the pics of stationery objects, expecially the flowers. And props to ya for bringing home the boox! Excellent planning. :o)

I'm in an x-ey mood. XXXX

tkdchick said...

Beautiful pictures!!!

Shelleen said...

thanks for sharing the lovely pics.

Kathy A. said...

Glad you had such a wonderful time at your convention. looks like you made great use of your time. Denver is a beautiful city. We visit there quite often. Don't you just love that the measurement for the mile high is on more than one step LOL. and you managed to stitch - wow I am impressed.

karen said...

great pics! glad you had a good time and found room to bring home all those books!