Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cool idea causing consternation! A giveaway! And a reminder....

Evalina has come up with a brilliant plan. She's hosting an Oldest UFO SAL. You did up that piece you've nearly forgotten about and stitch on it as faithfully as you want to. As you stitch you update Evalina and in January they'll be a prize for most accomplished. Cool, eh. I have one major stumbling block -- figuring out what my oldest UFO is. Anyone else have that problem or does your oldest project haunt you--lurking just at the edge of your vision, creeeping into your dreams/nightmares,.... Mine do that, but I have so many eldery pieces that it's hard to remember who has been languishing the longest. I know for certain which one is the biggest and the one I regret the languishing of the most -- my Vierlanden--
2010-02-15 002
Jeez! The last time I took a progress pic of it was February of 2010. Oh how sad. I can even tell you what slows me down on this one--the motifs are do dense that they seem to take an eternity, and given that I am among the world's slowest stitchers.... you see the problem.

But Vierlanden doesn't win for oldest. I am pretty sure I started that in 2007 or 2008. But I know I started this lighthouse (a gift from my beloved sister) earlier than that:
2_4_2008 007
It's problem is that I got ahead of myself and now I want to stitch the clouds and sky differently, but the thought of all that ripping makes me cringe. I really would like to finish that lighthouse though.
Hmmmm I wonder if I gave myself a prize for finishing hte lighthouse if it would help? I've been nearly overwhelmed with the *need* to but this one canvas at my shop --
2011 03 01 023
I just love this piece. I see the black in the wallpaper in a velvet, possibly with some Neon Rays+ accents in it. The mask -- well the mask would probably be mostly Splendor. I have't worked out the feathers yet. But I simply covet this piece. Sure I have hundreds of canvases around Chez Hovel, but I *want* that one. What if I finish the lighthouse AND some other langishing piece? I'd deserve that Lani mask, right? You support me in this insanity, don't you?

BlueStitcher s hosting a giveaway for her first blogiversay. Drop in and congratulate her on making it through her first year in blogland.

And, taking advantage of that lead in -- Friday looms, so if you want to be part of my blogiversary draw drop a comment on the appropriate post below.


Hazel said...

Oh absolutely treat yourself to something new when you have a finish. Sometimes, you just have to get that thing that is shouting at you. The UFO idea is brilliant and I should do it myself. x

cucki said...

hello dear, its me cucki..thank you so much for you kind comments on my blog..
i really love your ufo is so sweet..and the light house is another beautiful stitching too..yup..treat yourself when you will finish it.and the mask is so lovely..i am keep on looking at the beautiful picture....the ufo finishing is really a lovely idea..i hope we can finish some from our think pile ..he he he
keep well and happy stitching xx

Margaret said...

Well I love your Vierlanden piece! Just gorgeous! I vote for that one. lol! I don't even want to think about what my oldest UFO is. lol!

Brigitte said...

The Vierlanden piece looks gorgeous and you should really finish it. But I have a weak spot for lighthouses, too. Both thexse UFOs are worth finishing. And yes, treat yourself to a new piece.
Evalina's UFO-SAL sounds to tempting and maybe I'll join it. But not with my oldest UFO which is one of the Chatelaine mysteries. I'll leave that one in its drawer as I don't want to stitch on it any longer. So I'd have to join the SAL with my second oldest UFO, lol.

Meari said...

Good luck with your oldest WIP!