Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is it just me?

Hello all.

I just noticed something about me and my stitching. I simply *have* to have the needle/thread on top of the fabric when I end a session of stitching.
2011-01-23 032
2010-02-15 026
2011 08 16 131
2010-02-08 019
2010-02-08 022
2010-02-18 003
2010-07-20 005

See! Always with the strings streaking across the piece. The only time I don't have them is when I've finished a thread and it's so far passed my bedtime that I don't bother to get another started.

Now, I hear ya-- what's another quirk in my basket of insanity really going to cost me? Welllllllll, the corollary to Always Having the Needle on Top is Always Wanting to See Just One More Stitch. Sigh. See? I'm doomed.

I'd ask again why I wasn't born independently wealthy so I could stitch all day, but then I start to worry that if I was filthy rich, I'd think stitching was something I had "people" for. Vicious frickin circle.

Ultimately, the question of the day is: Do you have needle parking compulsions?

Happy stitching to all -- no matter where your needle ends up.

P.S. Siobahn--- I promise not to shuffle out of any shrubs and gnaw on The Fluffinator's ankles. lol

Jo -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "hole in road" lol


Gillie said...

Listen, I'm alway grateful the needle is THERE - I lose needles like nobody's business and so far no one (except me) has found them in their feet, which seems fair. So I never notice where I finish up! Congratulations on the finish, small or otherwise, on the last post.

Margaret said...

What fun to see all the stitching while contemplating the thread/needle on top of the piece. Nice! Yes, I usually have the needle/thread on top. Mostly because I do the sewing method, so it's usually on top anyway when I end a stitch. :D

Donna said...

Yes. I have the same needle parking compulsion. I just accept it.

LindataxPA said...

Needle parking compulsions - yep.. always, always, always I finish off a length of thread and secure it on the back. And the needle gets parked in the upper left or right corner of the fabric - in the part that will be covered by a frame or cut off. I never park by needle where I finished off stitching. Just the way I've always done it. However, when I'm rethreading the needle, I've been known to park the needle in my shirt or nightgown and have actually washed them too!

I now have a beautiful lighthouse needleminder for the temporary parking.

Nannette said...

Since I'm primarily a needlepointer, I keep a magnetic needle minder on the front of my canvas. So the thread is always there too. I'll admit that I usually fail at my goal of finishing up the thread before I stop for the day.

Loved seeing your beautiful UFOs.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ruth I am SOOO with you on this one, I always park my needle with the thread on top like you said ready for just one more stitch.

Beth said...

I love all the projects that you are working on and parking your needle. The only thing I am consistant at is being incosistant. I never know where my needle is parked. If I have a needle minder and I am going to stitch in the same seat the next time I will leave it on that,but if I personally am moving to a different I will park the needle in the fabric at what I think is a reasonable spot - top or bottom.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I use the "secured needle" method of stitching so I don't need to park my needle, it can't come unthreaded.
Of course it finishes on top, underneath would just be WRONG!
I also have "just one more stitch-itis", then if I finish a length I have to secure a new one, then just a couple of stitches, then the end of this row then oops I've used up all that length I'll have to just start one more...
Glad you liked the hole in the road story!

Julie said...

I do the same thing! I was wondering how many other people do the same. I guess I like the ease of just being able to pick it up and stitch without having to thread the needle.

Great WIPs too!

Karen said...

Ruthie! I do the same thing, needle HAS to be on top of stitching when i finish for the time being with a piece unless i have just finished up that thread. LOL I lose needles way to easily, even with needleminders, etc. LOL And Doug isn't too thrilled if he finds one of my needles in his foot. ouch! if i drop one and know it, it is like defcom 5 around here, you hear warning bells and whistles and everyone drops to find it. LOL gottem all trained well.

Janice said...

I leave the thread on top too but almost always park the needle to the left side of my work. I wonder why the left? BTW, just spent 3 minutes playing with Harry. I've got to get a life!

Susan said...

No, it's not just you. I usually park my needle on the top left side of my piece wither it's threaded or not.