Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I should have just joined the Crazy January Challenge

Yes, dear friends, I started something new. Annnnnd not only did I start another project, but I *ordered* the project just to start it. Did I think I lacked for potential projects??!!??! Sheesh

Here it is -- BBD's Summer with the fabric it apparently called for
2011 07 27 063
I couldn't control myself. I had to have it. And I loved the fabric the model was stitched on so I had to order that as well. But do you see the problem, fair stitcher? The pictured fabric and the ordered fabric aren't even close. Ok, I get it, "hand dyed," but can't we at least get it remotely close?

Never fear! I strolled through the vat of fabric under the bed (and on the floor by the TV, and on top of the boxes of threads and misc stuff) and settled on a 28-count RR Creme Brulee. Then we had to contemplate threads... (mind you this is one day after it's arrived in the mail.... only 24 hours of restraint!). Let's face it, the Belle Soies called to me far louder than the Sampler Threads. So off I went a-foraging and came up with this:
2011 07 27 066
I have to admit I wasn't happy with that bright green near the middle, but I was too lazy that night to go scouting for the other bags of silks. So off I sailed. The pic above shows Night 1's accomplishment.
By Night 3 I'd not only made good progress but also pulled some different greens--
2011 08 01 001
I'm a little further along now and owe you a new picture, but that will have to wait for another day. Trust me, I'm loving this. I have other stuff that needs accomplishing and I'll miss this like all heck when I need to put it down--- it's hard enough to go to bed as it is!.... just one more stitch..... you know the drill.

By now I must have started nearly the full 15 new things required for the January Crazy Challenge. I might as well have joined it! I guess the benefit of starting them slowly throughout the year is that the UFO list doesn't get overwhelmed all at once. ..... like I need help with that. hmpf

And what about the ornament challenge that I *did* join? At this point I deserve to be asking "what's an ornament?" Yes, dear ones, it is that bad. Apparently I need to discover the folds in time that would allow me 9-12 hours of work time, 8-10 hours of stitching time, and 12-14 hours of misc stuff time per day. When I find it, I'll let you all kow how to get there.


Shebafudge said...


I have just discovered your blog. This looks like a lovely start and I can share your frustration with the fabric differences. The fabric you got is still a gorgeous colour though!

Enjoy the time you get to spend with it!

valerie said...

I am dealing with a similar frustration with hand dyed floss! But I've had similar experiences with fabby too. Either way, your start looks fantastic!

Sharon said...

Awesome colors and it looks fabulous on Creme Brulee!

gracie said...

I think I love this one...oh, by the blueberry bread could have been better!

Lee said...

It's so hard to buy these overdyeds unless you can actually see them for yourself. Sometimes it's particularly difficult for those of us without an LNS! And if you find the folds in time, please promise that you'll share them with the rest of us!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, new follower here. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm a big fan of Terry Pratchett too and have alot of the books signed from when my bro was at uni and was able to get to see him.
A friend played Ysabell in a play and I half-stitched a Skull as a prop for her to pretend to stitch.

Beth said...

Well, your situation with your new project just proves how important it is to have a good stash inventory so that when you need something you have it. Maybe I better go order some more fabric and thread.......

Siobhan said...

Love the new start, AND the silks you've chosen to use! I have a bag full of things that need to be framed and I have noticed one thing about the fabrics as I look through it--that as spastic as I am about getting the fabric used on the model, the linen I've used are all just variations of tan. There's the odd PTP Relic or dark Autumn Gold, but most of it is just tan. I try to remember that when I break out in hives when I'm brave enough to venture out of the box and try a different fabric. I have two cuts of Dark Chino for BBD's Winter Wonderland--which is the fabric used on the model, as ordered--and it is waaay too dark for the sampler. I stitched for an afternoon on it (as part of the, uh, January challenge) before realizing that it was just way too dark. Now I'm stuck with the decision of--do I start over on something else and waste that linen or do I suck it up and continue? Oy. You can't go wrong with a BBD, though--love their designs! I need to get started on my LF piece before summer is a thing of the past, which is rapidly happening here in Ireland.