Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finishes, progress, and life as a badger (and life in Hollywood)

Hello and a happy day unto you and yours. Why, yes, I am excessively perky. No real reason. I just am. It's a nice feeling to move from grousy and obstreperous to smile-y and perky. Don't worry; I'm sure it won't last.

For now, the sun is shinging, the breezes are blowing, and hte flowers (that I'm not allergic to) are in bloom --
2011 08 16 1132011 08 16 117

Ok, loosing the perky fast. They are filming some show just downstairs of my office windows, and these apparently are not sound-blocking windows. Every 10 minutes the whole floor gets treated to squeeling tires. You know, the kind f squeeling that is usually followed by "CRASH" and the "whir-whir-whir" of a hubcap making its way down the street sans car. I don't suppose it's nearly as annoying to us as it is to all the people trying to drive in this very busy downtown section. Hmmm, maybe it's The Closer or some other somebody-got-murdered show which I actually watch. I'll see my building and the crosswalk leading the the best sandwiches in town on TV -- how cool. It's not like it's unusual for that to happen when you live in a film mecca -- once Monk wandered down an alley near Chez Hovel (he was an awfully long way from SF), campus was always in stuff, and just this season The Closer filmed scenes about 10 houses down from my friend's place. Ok, I admit, it's kinda cool to see your neighborhood on TV. (For the record, the camera only puts 10 pounds on people -- it doesn't work on landscaping -- just in case you thought it might make your azaleas look fluffier. That would be nice though.)

Anyway, I can report some progress. Actually let's start with the BIG news--- I FINISHED something!!!! Yes, you read that right. Little Miss Start-Something-New actually put the last stitches in a piece! Why, yes, I'm rather proud.
2011 08 16 119
Ok, I don't care that it's a paltry little 4-5-inch ornament. It's done, right? A done project is a DONE project. I get credit. Sure it took me something liek 2 years, but I got bored. You go alternating basketweave in black Neon Rays on black and see how interested you stay in a piece. Currently it's off to the finishers to be flat backed and corded. Woo hooo! One Christmas present done!

My "big" finish spurred me on to other accomplishments.....
BBD Summer has made it to here--
2011 08 16 131
Ok, so I only put in enough stitches to know I liked the 2nd new color I picked for the bird. So sue me.
BBD America has gotten to here --
2011 08 16 132
Even the needlepoint sand dollar made a reappearance and after two nights work with three needles in process at once (memo to self: never pick a stitch no matter how cool that requires you keep three different threads in action at all times.)--
2011 08 16 126

And you know what, there's even more to show, but you'll have to wait for the pics. Sorry.

I do have to leave you with my personal vote for news of the week -- Might be news of the year here:
From Monday's Clovis News Journal -- Officers Remove Badger From Outside 21st Street Restaurant
Honest, it's a good laugh. For the record, I'd be pissy too if you relocated me next to a dump.

Hmmm, maybe I need to start a badger-themed news feed.


mainely stitching said...

It would be pretty cool to see the stars of some of the series I like (including Monk and The Closer). I love all your stitching WIPs!

Theresa said...

I'm a big Monk and Closer fan~~ Maybe I've seen your neighborhood on TV~~

Your WIPs are gorgeous!!!! Those are some interesting projects!!!

Marcy said...

All finishes count -- no matter what the size. I love your Scroogey ornament. Too bad about the azeleas -- mine are kind of skrawney looking.

Jeanne said...

Your projects are all lovely. And yes every finish counts, no matter what! Your flowers look great to me...I have a 'black thumb' and can't seem to grow anything. Of course I live where the summers are like Hades which might be part of the reason!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great post. Congrats on your (small) finish.
My home town was in a reality series 5 years ago. Hubby and I got together because of it!
My favourite local headline has to be "Hole in road filled in" with a picture of the mended road, not even a dramatic hole! My home town really is that boring.

Margaret said...

Wow, love your flowers! Congrats on the finish -- it's so pretty! Love all your stitching projects -- especially the BBD piece. Love BBD!

Siobhan said...

That would be so cool to see a series that I liked (I love The Closer!) filming nearby.

CONGRATULATIONS on the finish!! Woohoo! It looks great. Your WIPs look fantastic, too. Love those BBDs! I have to get my stitching in gear here--it's going to be Christmas before I'm stitching those pieces, which scream summer to me.

My daughter and I have been taking daily walks in a nearby park, which has a lot of trails going through woodland. As a desperate attempt to stop walking and take a breather, I stopped to read a sign about the wildlife in the woods. Apparently badgers are endangered animals here and there are a lot of them in the woods. My daughter (17 yrs old) and I start talking about this, and she says--as The Fluffinator strolls on ahead of us on his leash--"Yeah, I learned that you have to be careful because they will attack dogs and gnaw on their legs.". !! Now everytime I hear something rustle in the leaves, I want to run for the safety of concrete and suburbia.