Thursday, July 21, 2011

I want a vacation again... now

Yes, I know I just got back from a vacation. But last night I was sitting around Chez Hovel realizing that across town my friend Jenn was packing for a conference-vacation, and I got all pouty because I want one too. And I want it now.

Sigh. Maybe I just need to bask in some former glory....
2011 07 09 212
There he is, The Man Himself, Sir Terry Pratchett -- with his assitant, Rob meeting an upscale C.M.O.T. Dibbler with a lovely tray of sausages in buns. (For those of you versed in these things, they were prime Dibbler sausages -- made out of stucco I think) This was at one of the signings -- you got a signed bookplate and Sir Terry would stamp your con passport. It's a thing. Actually, it's a thing I should take pictures of. Hmmm.

The line for the signing was entertaining as well --
2011 07 09 184
Yup-- the Death of Rats and probably Tiffany given that she's clutching a feegle.

Even the halls were festively entertaining --
2011 07 09 053
Detritus posed for pictures with my bear, Missy.
2011 07 09 034
And posters abounded -- this one from the Sunshine Santuary for Dragons.

Not only did I fictionally (is it still fiction if there are actual Deaths of Rats and feegles roaming the halls?) entertain myself, but I also started a new project --
2011 07 09 169
That's the beginning of America by BBD. I've changed a number of the colors called for because when I pulled the collection they looked nothing like the colors in the picture. In this case I rally love this piece as pictured so I had to go color hunting. I think it has worked out for hte best. We'll just have to wait and see. Mind you, Since the plane ride to Wisconsin, I haven't worked on this at all. So much for the exhuberance of a new start.

You'll know if you watch the sidebar here that I've actually had a lot of new starts -- Not only have I recently started 3 surprises (sorry no pics), but I've even finished one. I also started and finished Round 25 of F&S for Elaine. Of course I can't show you that but I can show the floss toss --
2011 07 09 166
I can say that the squares were fun to stich up until I was an idiot and had to pull out a bunch of over-1. That was a whiney, 3-day process. It could have been accomplished in a day, but I did mention the whining, right? I think what made it really annoying was that before I put in that particular over-1 part in I thought that the thread might not be dark enough for over-1ing. Then when I got part way through the stitching and thought that the thread was really too light to show. Did I stop at either point, hop over to the Belle Soie bag and pull out a darker color? Nooooo. I fished stitching, carefully ran the tail under in a couple directions so it wouldn't get loose, and then sat back waiting to be proud. I wasn't. It was too light. Drat frell drat. Why can't I think when in the grips of stitching?

Other than the things I can't show you, I did make progress on while away on some things you can see. For one, Rose City Stitchers--
2011 07 20 043
I was enjoying this a lot in Madison, but I haven't worked on it much since I got back. Maybe this weekend when I should be cleaning and I probably will be napping.

And I did have a convention finish --
2011 07 20 045
I did all but the gold ring in the airport and on the flights to Madison and finished the edge and the take-aways rows at the con. This is one of a set of 3 little ornaments I have from Richland Designs. I did the colored stripes in Fyre Werks and Silk Lame in the mosaic stitch. The white is Snow and the gold is Fyre Werks and both are basketweave.

I suppose I need to get back and check on my Microsoft search bot which is hunting a lost folder. A pox on all people who don't properly label their documents and folders!

Happy stitching to all----

P.S. For those of you familiar with Sir Terry and his world, the con was a success. About a thousand memberships and quite a number of single-day attendees made the trek to Madison. If you know his personal story, you will understand when I say it was 5 days of great joy tempered by sadness. He shouldn't have Alzheimers -- no one should. It's vicious and vile.


Gillie said...

So glad you had a good time and yes, it stinks, for Sir Terry and all who suffer such a dreadful disease. I agree with the BBD colours, sometimes nothing like the photographs. Hope you find the folder........

Shelleen said...

Sounds like you had a good time and I didn't realize that Terry had Alzheimers. That is sad. Your projects look good and can't wait to see more progresses.

Beth said...

I want a vacation now too!! Guess I am going to have to wait until Oct in MB. Glad you had a good time - sorry about Sir Terry and all with that horrible disease. Love BBD America and agree with your color choices. Noel is really cool too!

Steve Finnell said...

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Karen said...

looks like you had fun! and were a bit productive too! :) that is very sad that he has alzheimers, it is a horrible disease.

Siobhan said...

I'm glad that you had a good time! I didn't know that Terry had Alzheimers. That is so sad. Love your new projects.

Aurelia Eglantine said...

"He shouldn't have Alzheimers -- no one should. It's vicious and vile." I couldn't agree more, Ruth.

It's all terrible, but for it to affect one of the greatest fantasy writers of our times is especially sad. I'm so happy that you've shared such wonderful pictures of the Con for us Discworld devotees who weren't able to go :) Wonderful stitching!

Philly_jojo said...

I gather there are some nice tours offered by Rincewind if you really feel you need a rest. And Stucco would be the BEST part of C.M.O.T.'s sausages. His sausages are more of what is rejected when one makes scrapple and not just out of pigs...

A note for those NOT familiar with scrapple. One does NOT make the real verisons out of any part of the pig one would eat without grinding the daylights out of it first so you can't recognize it. Sort of like Vimes and the sheeps eyeball.