Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Been stitching? (and Hyperbolic Crocet Reef)

Hello. I was going to call this post "Pathetic," but somehow I think that could sum up most of my stitching days so I'd have to use it all the time. Better I should save it for a really worthy occasion..... like say, oh, tomorrow.

I have been stitching, but apparently I've also been brain dead since I have only tken pics of part of what I worked on and then I only downloaded part of those pictures. What gives? Usually I'm all over thei picture thing. My money is on my new 5:30am wake-ups. I need to really need to commit to the pillows by 10pm.

Anyway, here's some of what I've been up to....
2011-01-23 023
In case you remember back to the last time you saw this I can say I have done some stuff. I have filled in a penguin tummy, worked out where I went wrong compensating over a penguin head, and put in part of the secondary stitch (Silk Lame) in the background (ok, it's only a couple tiny rows, but it's something.

I also have made slow, small progress on Katherine--
2011-01-23 029
I futzed with the gold and dark green stitches in the center of the light green medallions because I thought the called for version ended up wimpy.
2011-01-23 032
I have to say I hated those two rows of pulled sqaure stitches. I kept breaking my thread. I resorted to using absurdly short cuts to make it work.... so annoying.

I joined Carol's Christmas Challenge this year in hopes of having myself 12 FINISHED ornies by the end of the year. Mind you, it might be a good plan to have a tree to put them on, but one thing at a time. Anyway, my January ornie is Miss Crescent's red bird from a reecnt JCS (I think 2009):
2011-01-23 027
She's actually a lot farther along, but I lack a picture for the last 3 days. She's become my morning commuter bus piece -- I get some stitching done which makes the miles go faster, but I gotta say that smoother roads would improve my productivity no end! Eventually she's to hold a string of cranberries and popcorn in her beak. They are called for in floss, but I'm thinking of using a Kreink for the cranberries and possibly some Boucle or thin, stripped silk and wool for the popcorn.... stay tuned!

As for DC reporting I am going to limit myself to a photo montage of the Hyperbolic Crocet Reef that is currently on display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Our croceting friends from around the world made a reef and it's stunning. No pictures can do it just, but I tried....
2011-01-04 256
2011-01-04 259
2011-01-04 260
2011-01-04 261
2011-01-04 267
2011-01-04 268
2011-01-04 274
2011-01-04 276
2011-01-04 288
2011-01-04 289
2011-01-04 293
2011-01-04 295
2011-01-04 297
2011-01-04 299
Pretty darn cool, eh?!


mainely stitching said...

That reef is ... well, words fail me. It's just about the coolest thing with yarn that I have ever seen.

Beth said...

I still haven't been able to close my mouth - WOW!! I am going to have to see what I can find out about this - who dunnit and where - absotively amazing!!

Thanks for sharing what I think are fantastic pictures of this.

Margaret said...

Your WIPs are great! But that crochet reef! OMG! Now that is amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics -- you did a great job photographing it. Wow! I'm bowled over!

Michelle said...

Wow - that reef is seriously cool. Wish I could see it in person. Love your WIPs too - Katherine looks amazing!

Jeanne said...

well that crochet reef is something else - who comes up with these ideas anyway?? You're making progress on your WIPs - that's an awesome sampler Ruth.

Donna said...

Hey, some of my friends did pieces of the reef. I was going to try, but time got away from me. I do need to go and visit this! Thanks for reminding me.