Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Awww... Yahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo 4 (2)
Big Brother David meets new Little Brother Daniel born early today. Great Aunt appreciates it from the non-snowy coast...... ain't they they cutest?!

How can anybody top that? I mean really. What I should do is leave everything for another day and bask in happy Great Auntness, but I've ogt a couple seconds so I'm going for the extra happy dances--

Catherine is done!!!!
2011 02 01 007
I added a couple spare rows towads the end. Silly me! I could have been done even sooner. What was I thinking?
2011 02 01 012
2011 02 01 011
2011 02 01 010
2011 02 01 009

Woo hooooooo She's done! Let the partying begin.

Sorry-- gotta go-- must continuing researching the fashion industry in Tokyo. I suppose I can't ever claim my work is boring.

Happy stitching!


Margaret said...

Congratulations on both fronts! Adorable baby for Great Aunt to love! And your finish -- gorgeous!!!

Karen said...

congrats on the finish!

Congrats on being an aunt again! I will be grandma at the end of March. :)

cathymk said...

Catherine looks fabulous! Congratulations!

And what sweet babes!

Katrina said...

Sweet new baby :-). He's adorable!

Congrats on the finish.

gracie said...

Beautiful baby, handsome boy and gorgeous stitching...what a post!!!!

Beth said...

Catherine is beautiful! I have dusted off my happy dance shoes.

Congratulations on being a Great Aunt again! That is a very good feeling - I even feel that way after GULP 28 Great Nieces and Nephews. Whew!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish and your great nephew!