Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Suggestion, Stitching, and the Continuation of Christmas

First things first -- do you have stitched pieces waiting to become something? Did you have barren tree branches this holiday because you have a showbox of ornaments waiting for finishing? Got a hanger/drawer/box of pieces waiting to be framed, boxed, or pillowed? Join the brilliant Diane and her growing legion of stitching friends who has started a finishing society at the POSSIBILITIES blog. Come on, you know you want to join the fun. Besides, all you folks in the Crazy January Challenge and the UFO stitching challenge will really need the support of the get-it-the-heck-out-of-the-dresser/closet/box bunch. Aw, come on. You know you want to.

After a day spent working at my LNS, I can happily report that I have my first finish of 2011--
2011-01-15 027
I still need to work out sewing the suede up, but at least I have completed the stitching bit on my little needlepoint bookmark. I started it last year and it stalled at the cone stage because I couldn't decide the perfect color. The ice cream is Flair with brown beads. The cone and background are DMC floss. My mom was a big fan of mint-chocolate chip ice cream (except at Christmas when there would be peppermint stick ice cream) and so this bookmark just called to me. I'm not sure what books a beaded bookmark would be good in, but there it is.

After getting over the rush of finishing something yesterday, I picked back up another little needlpoint that had been waiting for me to remember it --
2011-01-15 030
Mr. Moose is in Fabulous Fur, his antlers are Petit Very Velvet, the background so far is DMC floss.

I even got the courage up to tackle a little more on ny NYC cube ornie--
2011-01-15 031
I finished the flames, but got bored before moving on to the background and/or outlining the bases of the flames.

Once home from the shop I pulled out Catherine -
2011-01-15 039
Some over-1 and another row got completed. If I didn't need sleep I would have made it through the rest of that green row before I gave in, but instead I downloaded pics and worked on transferring them to a flash drive for you. Just for you. No one else. Feeling honored yet? lol

Oh, and despite my great regard for you, in the rush of craziness at Christmas, not only did I never did finish any ornies for hanging/gifting, but I didn't even show you. Here's what I managed in the last week before Christmas --
2011-01-15 042
2011-01-15 043

Now, back to D.C. and the belated coverage of the Christmas Adventures of a lazy stitcher. I believe we left off on #12...

12. I learned that some dogs are very polite --
2010 12 30 049
Princess worked out exactly where her present was and waited patiently for someone to unwrap it for her. Honest to pete. And for at least a week after she'd check that exact spot periodically to see if the tree had grown another bone for her.

13. I also learned over the course of two very long afternoons that a 9-year-old boy can be VERY patient when he wants to be.
2010 12 23 107
That's a very big pottery project and a very small brush... and we had to put on 3-4 coats of pait with that very small brush. Six hours in and my dear sister can expect another 6-9 hours of pottery painting adventures before it will be declared complete.

14. Christopher was the absolutely perfect tree -- great chape, great hanging braches, and even without putting all the usual ornies on him, he still looks lovely--
2010 12 30 029

15. It is sooooo cool to be the aunt who passes on the joy of reading --
2010 12 30 089
That's in the midst of present opening -- we had to stop and review our new books one by one. Heee heee.

16. Every geek needs a Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter--
2010 12 30 059
I got one too. and I'm damn proud of it.

17. The National Christmas Tree was especially pretty this year
2010 12 30 144
Yup, that's the White House in the background.

18. The Udvar-Hazy is amazing!
2010 12 30 183

19. Arlington is forever awe-inspiring. [We went to visit our Great Uncle Ellis.]
2011 01 02 004
2011 01 02 070
They go on forever ...
2011 01 02 076
2011 01 02 111
Possibly my favorite picture of the entire holiday --
2011 01 02 083

20. My BIL can be very creative--
2011 01 02 130
He took out left-over star fruit and decorated a tree for my lunch plate. Cute, eh?

21. Old traditions are wonderful -- this is the BIL's family gum drop tree
2011 01 02 141
I did my best to defloiate it over the holidays.

22. New traditions are cool too --
2011 01 02 142
My BIL turned into Martha Stewart one day. He made sticky buns from scratch, toffee sauce for said buns, and the above -- peppermint marshmallows. I have declared (not that anyone listens) that he should always make these marshmallows for one of his offerings at the annual Bake-Off. I hope that next year I can report again on their subtle yumminess.

23.... another day.

Happy stitching to you all.


Beth said...

Great stitching. I really love the pictures in DC. It is so wonderful to have such good family times. We were so blessed to have all three kids and all two grankids with us this year. Christopher was really a great tree!

cathymk said...

Lots of lessons learned! Lovely Christmas photos - looks like you all had a marvelous time.

mainely stitching said...

Great projects, and what fun photos. My favorite is the doggie waiting patiently for that bone to be unwrapped! Because of our furbabies, we couldn't put gifts under the tree until Christmas eve (and then only trusty Rigby was allowed in that end of the house overnight).

Hazel said...

Lovely stitching and a fab post! x

Anonymous said...

Lots of lovely stitching there! The gum drop tree looks wonderful and as for the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter - just fabulous! I just showed DH and he loved it too.

Cindy said...

Congrats on your first finish! Great Christmas pics, too.

Love, love, love the little moose :)

I really should wander over and join up with the finishing crowd. My box has overflowed, so it is time to do something about it.

Carolyn NC said...

What fun! Awesome stitching and finishes! Great pics of home and about in DC! Love the dog waiting for his bone!

Jeanne said...

Lots of cute projects Ruth and congrats on your first finish of the year. Looks like you had a great holiday season. I have never made marshmellows but it sounds like fun! It's just something I never thought about. I hope someday to see the National Tree as well as the one in Rockefeller Center - 2 things on my 'bucket list' lol.

chelsea said...

Nice stitching, good work!

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Karen said...

great stitching and great pics from the holidays. :) hugs!!!!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Bravo on the finish. It looks yummy. :)

You have some really great projects to work on in the future. I can't wait to see more updates.

So glad you had a wonderful time at Christmas, love all the photos.

Wishing you a lovely day. :)

Michelle said...

Oh your Catherine is gorgeous!

Siobhan said...

Great stitching! I love your DC pics, too. The picture of the pup is just too cute--what an adorable dog!