Thursday, January 06, 2011

and the Adventure Continues.....

to follow on the list of things I've done while holidaying "this" year which yesterday's post stopped in the middle of... :

6. Went on the Christmas tree hunt to Snickers Gap Tree Farm (if you are in Northern VA and need a tree, I highly recommend the folks at Snicker Gap. Beautiful trees and nice cider too!). We were successful --
2010 12 17 038
That's the BIL and Christopher (we named the tree) off to have our freshly cut prize bundled for the car. (That's also my current wallpaper because I just love that picture. It makes me smile.)
It was a hard decision though. I mean look at this--
2010 12 17 031
How do you choose from those beauties? But, in the end we picked a winner and Christopher was ensconsed in the living room (frankly he just took it over) and the BIL did his lighting magic
2010 12 23 003
For the record, apparently there's a rule that lawyers must take calls while decorating Christmas trees so the blue tooth was essential to the lighting process.

7. I got to help decorate the tree. No biggie, right? I mean everyone whose family decs trees does this, right? Oh, you poor soul. You have never experienced my sister's tree.
2010 12 23 004
The 7 trays of ornaments in this picture are only one-half of day one decorating (and that's starting with the really big ornaments). We did 3 days on the tree this year. And we only made it out in 3 days because we skipped 2 boxes of ornaments. Eventually I'll have a finished ornie count and decorated pictures for you, but not today.

8. I entertained my little nephew --
2010 12 23 059
That's a shot of complete concentration while we attempted to set the record for largest yellow pyramid built entirely from Legos at the National Building Museum's Lego play room. We did have some minor discussion about two-thirds of the way through because Aunt Ruth who was the official "Yellow Block Finder" for the development could not find another two block yellow to save her life. There was much consternation and arguing and cajoling (all from him at me), but finally education prevailed. You see I put my social science degree to work and explained the functions and design of Egyptian pyramids and opined that the tan-colored two space block I had found for the far interior of the pyramid would be the perfect "Pharoh's Treasure." That was agreed upon and work continued. Ultimately this solid-- completely solid piece was produced:
2010 12 23 068
It weighs more than my laptop I think. LOL Some poor museum volunteer was going to have to take that all apart later in the day. I wonder what they thought of Phoroh's Treasure. lol
While The Little One completed his grand design, his aunt made towers and played with color concepts
2010 12 23 055
Yup, those are close-ups of my fine work. Impressive, eh?

9. Got stash! Yes, stash! My sister and I hunted down In Stitches (not an easy task if you follow the google directions either. But we made it and she *forced* me to buy:
2010 12 23 117
2010 12 23 119
2010 12 23 121
2010 12 23 123
2010 12 23 125
Yes, Virginia, apparently I needed more stash.... NOT. Hey, should I make these 4 of the requisite 15 Crazy January starts?

10. I saw the Wise Men's way to the baby Jesus illuminated by the light of a giant menorah
2010 12 23 114
Sorry, this made me giggle. In between the cold and the giggling I got a blurry pic.

11. I spent a totally "traditional" Christmas Eve day going to The Copper Fox Distillery, a small Northern Virginia distillery, and learning how they made their single malt scotch. Honest and true, that's what we did for Christmas Eve day--
2010 12 30 009
The Copper Fox in his Christmas best.
2010 12 30 005
The distillery is a small 3 person operation (well 7 if you count the cat, 2 dogs, and the baby) that is producing some absolutely marvelous single malt under the name Wasmund's (the owner). We brought some bottles home and they are absolutely yummy! Go, explore their site, visit the family, and have a lovely libation. And, if you are contemplating a visit but you are thinking to yourself, "Ruth, it sure would be more compelling if there were more attractions in the area.. maybe a museum or something..." I can set you mind at ease. Not only is the countryside the next best thing to a landscape painting, but the Distillery backyard his home to The Decoy Museum--
2010 12 30 019
lol Sorry, I didn't ask for a tour. It was Christmas Eve afternoon and I thought I ought to let them finish wrapping their presents.

12. .... to follow .......

Continuing happy New Year!

P.S. Diane is brilliant! Go check out her take on a theme for 2011 and see if you agree. I left her a comment saying if she started a challenge, I'd be in!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It sounds like you've had a busy time - nice new stash :)

LindataxPA said...

Love your pictures - especially the attorney on a ladder with the blue tooth.....the boxes of ornies and the concentration on nephew's face as he was building the pyramid!! Love your choice of new stash that you just "had to buy" - I've been thinking about 272words myself. Glad you're having a good vacation.

Linda B

Beth said...

I love the tree! We used to have one like that when I was a kid - yes they had Christmas trees that long ago!! I can't wait to see it all decorated!

Cindy's Stitching said...

The pictures are very nice. I had to laugh, blue tooth and decorating a tree priceless. A lot of tree ornies. I am a nut too. I have tons of them. I 2 christmas trees, they would never fit on one. You have some nice projects picked out. Happy new year.

Brigitte said...

Your post made me giggle a lot and your pictures are priceless. Enjoy the new stash that you were forced to buy, lol.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a great photo essay of your holiday!

Carol R said...

Great post Ruth! Loved your snow/tree pictures and what a lovely stash haul!

Carol R said...

Opps forgot to say what a neat pyramid!

Siobhan said...

Love the pics! As the mother of a lawyer to be and the sister of a laywer, I had to laugh at the pic of your BIL with the blue tooth, taking calls as he decorated the tree. That's dedication! It's good to see you posting again.