Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ok, I made it

I'm in Montreal. I need to go pick up my woo hoo WorldCon reg pack, but in brief:

1. Flights lovely (slept through the vast majority of them).
2. Hotel basically sucks -- Should every hotel room door open into an fully extended ironing board that's stuck in the open position? Seriously, is that a feature? And when you call for its removal should you give up after a half hour, arrange for the removal with the front desk, and yet come back to the same broken ironing board, a new iron, and a missing bag of chocolates? Honestly? I guess it might be God's way of saying I didn't need that chocolate after all.
3. Learning experience: When you book at the last minute you get what you get.
4. Corollary to learning experience: There's a reason I usually book Hilton/Hyatt/Sheraton.
5. Bed: Scratchy and stiff, but I was too tired to care, and the thumping of the air conditioner wasn't so loud that it kept me awake.

More on the "joys" of the hotel later. Must go register and experience the city now!

Talk to you all later.


Cindy said...

Our theory on hotels is...we need somewhere to put our stuff, take a shower, and hopefully get a few hours of sleep.

Here's hoping that you're out and about having so much fun that you're so worn out that you can overlook the deficiencies in the accommodations when you get back :)

Kathryn said...

Sorry about the hotel. The "official" rooms at the Embassy Suites were "sold out" when we made our very early reservations, so we just made reservations through and even got a good rate. Sometimes we don't opt for the "convention" hotels. We would have stayed at the Queen Elizabeth hotel (where we spent part of our honeymoon), if it had been a bit closer to the Palais du Congress.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Hopefully you won't be in the hotel long enough during your trip for it to matter.

Last ANG seminar I attended...
- Turned off water for repairs.
- Thought that's why potty wasn't working.
- Nope, potty was broken. Reported broken potty.
- They sent up plumber and trainee plumber.
- Potty finally fixed.
- Room window faced the top of the next door parking garage. Lovely view.
- Last night in room, next door was have a loud party, music, talking, and smoking in a non-smoking room.
- Glad to go home.
- Sigh...

Hope you are having a wonderful time and we want to hear stories and see pictures when you have a chance. :-)

Windy Meadow

Chris said...

I've never been in a hotel room where the ironing board was hanging in path of door (incase ironing board was open).... ironing boards should be in hotel room closet. Very strange. Glad you got some sleep on your flights. Have fun.

Dani - tkdchick said...

LOL okay, what hotel did you stay in so I can avoid it next time I go to Montreal.