Thursday, August 06, 2009

Here we go

WorldCon starts in a few hours and I'm ready..... I think.

Here's how I got here.
There was frantic packing
2009 08 05 001
I'm still wondering why I packed mascara. I don't wear it day-to-day so who am I kidding thinking I'm wearing it around the convention? And if I do put it on I'm most likely to do the ole "bunny rub" on my eyes and end up looking like a failed Goth.
I did have some help packing:
2009 08 05 002
That's Missy (I think she used to be a he and his name was Matthew). She was a gift from my grand nephew and he has her twin. Missy made the trip with me, and she's very excited about her first SF convention.

Leg one was the "jaunt" to Chicago. Since I slept through the vast majority of it, I'd have to say it went quite well. And O'Hare has this cool tunnel sculpture--
2009 08 05 003
2009 08 05 006

I feel quite lame that I didn't take a picture of the ironing board, but I can share my hotel door with you --
2009 08 05 010
Now this is significant in and of itself, but allow me to quote from the hotel's in room directory when it is explainging how the hotel is designed on Feng Sui principles: "Doors symbolize the human voice. Doors that are broken... suggest you will be ignored." I guess that explains why when I called the front desk the first time about the ironing board no one answered, when I went down to the front desk about it what I got was a second iron to go with the broken ironing board.... and my chocolate stolen. lol

Also, if you book your trip at the last minute, here's the view from my room:
2009 08 05 018
Love the laundry!
2009 08 05 020

But just next door here's where I'm heading in a couple minutes:
2009 08 05 329
The other side of the building is considerably more attractive, but I don't have an overall exterior view of that yet. Wanna see it from the inside?
2009 08 05 029
2009 08 05 031
2009 08 05 028

Well folks, I'm going to get wandering. Must see what I can see! Talk to you later.......


Carolyn NC said...

I love your commentary - hopefully the trip will be far superior to your room at the hotel!

Chris said...

ROFLOL on the Feng Sui principle about the door. This would not be so bad if damaged or broken doors were replaced before the next guest arrived. But since they haven't replaced the damaged door, you have to suffer the consequences of previous guests.... how rude! And, yes, you have a lovely view. :-)

Very cool tunnel sculpture from O'Hare airport, I like it. Very interesting shades of yellow-green in that last photo.

HAVE FUN. Look forward to your next update.

Marcia Colette said...

I'd give almost anything to be there. One of these days, I'm going to hit up a World Fantasy Con. Mark my words. :-)

Mel said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I can't wait to hear how it is!!