Monday, October 27, 2008

Pals Fall Fling part 2 -- the Pals

For those of you who aren't Pals let me tell you what the Pals fall Fling is all about -- it's about laughing until you cry, chatting and telling stories until 2+A.M., eating inappropriate amounts of all sorts of goodies (especially breadsticks, but you have to do that before 11pm because Shaky's closes early), learning cool stitching stuff (in classes or gathered around gossiping with "the girls"), stashing, outlet shopping, stealing grab bags and gift boxes in exchanges, coveting all the ornies that people bring to exchange, stashing some more, and did I mention laughing until you cry and stashing? In short Fall Fling is about friends -- new ones or old ones, but all important ones.

So, with that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends--

10_19_2008 022
Here's me and Myra "the hussy" -- After years of going to Pals' annual event in Myrtle Beach I "discovered" Myra last year. There she'd been all those years looking so nice and sweet. Sure, she's nice ans sweet but she's also hysterical and, I do believe, she's my new hero. Love ya, Myra! If you want to know why she's a hussy, you'll have to come next year and ask her yourself.

10_19_2008 027
That's Missy and Mel

10_19_2008 032
That's Beth who is a grand stitcher and a completely doting grandma. ... Completely doting! Lord knows those little grands of hers are in for a lifetime of spoiling. lol

10_19_2008 060
That's me and Amy, who runs Pals and who we all are eternally grateful to for getting us into so much stash and for introducing us to so many great best friends. I really can't thank you enough, Amy! My life would be a lot duller without you -- Myrtle Beach would only be someplace to research for work, my address book would be a lot thinner, and I'd still think Joann's was THE place to shop for cross stitch. lol

10_19_2008 216
Here's a hysterical gang -- Nicole, Chris (who has started posting her adventures at the Shepherd's bush retreat ... woo hooo!), Sharon, Missy, and Karen

That's Sharon with her little angel and one of Pals Junior Stitchers. Please note: Sharon is clutching two onries for the ornament exchange. I was the lucky ole so and so who won both!

Meet Fiona and Tracey -- Fiona and I had our inaugural Pals years together in 2000. And we both had adventurous travels that year. I had a flight cancelled and ended up flying with the Mob. Honest and true. She'd travelled for I don't know how many hours to get to Myrtle Beach from Scotland. We arrived almost simultaneously and most asuredly exhausted at the dinky little Myrtle Beach airport to be met by a grinning Char. Ahhh the good ole days! And Tracey (who has a penchant for frogs--including this screamign from at Connie, another Pal, gave her. Jeez Connie, it's about time you returned to the Fling!!!!) was there in 2000 too with her son/darling little angel who somehow is now 15, 5 foot 10, and smarter than a whip.

That's the aforementioned Char and Fiona relaxing at the Hospitality House (aka The Center of Fling Socializing).

Here's the roomies of Grandpa (formerly Uncle) Leon's house -- Chris, Nicole, and yours truly.

10_19_2008 020
Pals doing what we do best gather in the hospitality House and stitching and gossiping.

10_19_2008 028
That's Myra proving she stitches.

10_19_2008 068
Meet (again in some cases) Melva, Karen, Laurie (goddess of amazing hardanger!!!! and spoon investigator--- Laurie and I discovered one year that as opposed to our Yankee restaurants, the Southern restaurants seemed to have a distinct lack of spoons for no apparent reason), and Theresa (the nut case who stitched that giant Hummingbird Welcome that was in one of the magazines a couple years ago... TWICE!!! You'll see one of them later, I promise.)

10_19_2008 091
Laurie, I, and Miss Ida celebrate my very first cording in class --- that's the cording draped across me and Laurie's everso handy drill in her hands.

10_19_2008 085
Susan takes part in another Pals hobby -- sticking your tongue out at Ruth when she's taking picures.

10_19_2008 088
See, lots of people do it.

10_19_2008 155
Sitting around the convention center in between events -- Chris, Amy, Nicole, and Dawn. BTW, our friend Nicole stitches amazingly fast. She'd be at one of these evening events and I'd check out what she was doing, then the next thinig I know she'd finished a whole section on that piece and was working on something else. I think she has stitching elves helping her.

10_19_2008 156
Dawn, Amy, Susan (Dawn's sister), me, and Miss Ida (Dawn and Susan's doting mom and grandmom to Miss Emily [see yesterday's pics], Dawn's daughter).

10_19_2008 164
Meet Miriam and another Future Stitcher! He was absolutely darling. Oh, I should mention that last year was the first year Miriam ever stole anything at one of the gift parties/exchanges, and this year she stole TWICE and got rave applause both times. Well deserved -- we're all so proud!

10_19_2008 211
Amy and Theresa wear a lampshade without the influence of alcohol.... just under the influence of plain ole exhaustion.

There are more Pals pics in the webshots album (and even more in my files), but I think you deserve some stitching pics, don't you????
Here are all the goodies set out on the ornie exchange table waiting for our raffle tickets to be called.....
10_19_2008 047
10_19_2008 046
10_19_2008 062
10_19_2008 063
10_19_2008 064

And here are the ones I was lucky enough to win--
10_19_2008 229
By Amy:
10_19_2008 235
By The Consortium (the Joy ornie was stitched by Sharon, beaded by me, and finished by Chris) and Sharon:
10_19_2008 231
By Renee:
10_19_2008 237
By Karen:
10_19_2008 239
By Laurie:
10_19_2008 242
By Chris (who started this ornie because I was taking so long to shop at her LNS, Lazy Daisy in Raleigh)
10_19_2008 245
By Rita [Hey, Kathryn, does it make you think of Brunner and The Sheep Look Up too? lol):
10_19_2008 247
By Dawn:
10_19_2008 249

Ok, my fanny's tired from sitting so long and I really, really need caffine. More Adventures from Pals tomorrow -- I think tomorrow I'll introduce you to the joys of Grab Bag and Gift Box night..... and maybe start the Ruth Went Shopping report.



Yvonne..... said...

Thanks so much for sharing these photos. You reminded me of so many things (Laurie and her spoon addiction, tongues in photos, Char always smiling - still don't know what her first/middle name is - hum!!). Can't wait to see more!

Paisley said...

What fun! So many happy, smiling faces!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Looks like lot's of fun!

And several of you ate at Five Guys! My favorite burger joint!

Windy Meadow

Kendra said...

Bummer...all I'm seeing are red x's intead of pictures. :-(

Shelleen said...

oh god I remember all the years I was there and you brought back a lot of memories. Thanks so much friend.

Michele said...

ok woman .. I think you need to ask before you post those HORRIBLE photos!!! lol but ya know I still love ya! lol

Terri M said...

*sigh* Great post! I loved all the pictures. It looks like a great time.

Sharon said...

I miss everyone already... I'm sure Josh does too. Great pics and I love your stories! Can't wait until next year when we get more. :)

Beth said...

What?? Me??? Doting Grandma??? To quote Sarah Palin, "YOU BETCHA"!! LOL

I love your stories and your pictures!!


Toni said...

Hi Ruth - oh my gosh - I miss you guys, and I only met you (in person) once! I'm hoping to go to the Fling next year - we'll see. I love the photos!


Lisa said...

Thanks so much for the pics! It sure looks like ya'll had fun! Wish I had been there but I am doing my best to plan on making it next year! Huggers all!

Barbara said...

This just looks like SO much fun! Thanks so much for sharing pictures!

Chris said...

I'm looking through your photos, and laughing along as reading your comments, then I noticed a familiar blue background in your photos of the ornaments you came home with .... that's my sofa. You were taking lots of photos that night. I guess I'll be seeing part of my living room floor and maybe more of my sofa in your "shopping" photos.

Mylene said...

Great pictures and so much fun! Also lots of beautiful ornaments. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Vonna said...

How fun it all looks! I just love these Pals retreat reports :)

Sonda in OR said...

I was jealous before, now I'm downright green as the wicked witch in Technicolor! It looks like such a great time!

Sally said...

Wow your photos from this post and the previous one are wonderful Ruth! It looks like everyone had a fantastic time!