Thursday, September 18, 2008


Just because I sometimes wonder about random things....

Choosing right this very minute -- If you could go home tonight and put the very last stitch in one piece that you have NOT yet started, what would it be?

Mine would be:

And if the same magic applied to going home tonight and putting the last stitch on some WIP or UFO of yours....?

In that case mine would be:
6_14_2008 002
Duh! My Vierlanden mystery sampler which should have been finished last year.


Vonna said...

Those are some good questions, and some excellent choices! ;o)

Kathy A. said...

hmm - Long Dog Samplers Bagatelle - it is huge and I have all the fabric and threads just not the time
UFO - Dimensions Noah's Ark Christmas stocking on 16 count navy that my stitching bag has swallowed LOL
Love the idea and love your choices

Kathryn said...

Great questions. For a new start, no question, The Cricket Collection Three Gables which I have had kitted up for YEARS and have started to carry around with me. I really, really want to start it.

UFOs? No question Stoney Creek Victorian Wedding Remembrance (for my nephew and wife). I haven't touched it since we moved to Nevada five years ago. I need to put together my floor stand in order to work on it. And I have no idea where the nuts and bolts for it are. I just have lots of sticks lying around on the sewing room floor.

Mel said...

Well first one would be one of the Mira pixie coutures since I am dying to start one.

And the second question would be Fairy Moon

Chiasmata said...

They're really interesting questions, Ruth! That pledge chart doesn't too big, you should totally start it. :P

I would love to finish the unstarted HAED chart Eternal Promise ( I have it in my stash, but I'll never even manage to start it, little own finish it.

The WIP I'd love to finish tonight is Autumn Dragon. I just can't wait to see it all finished and sparkly.

Beth said...

Okay - these are pretty easy questions for me - if I can cheat a little. For one that I have not yet started, I would love to have accomplished any (I know, cheater) of the Thomas Kinkade charts which I own and gaze fondly at once a year.

WIP is a very large kit called Peaceable Kingdom I am stitching for my Grandson. Of course, he is nine now, and probably doesn't even care.....


karen said...

oooh, great questions Ruth! one i haven't yet started would be Beatrix Potter Sampler I and my UFO from he** would be Backwater Buck! This is a 9 or 10 yr old UFO for DH. It is affectionately called "that damn deer". LOL If teh stitching fairy would kindly come wave her magic wand and make the deer finished i would greatly greatly appreciate it! I hate it!

Michele said...

I would love to have Celtic Christmas hanging in my house this Christmas .. but still need to buy everything for her! lol

My WIP would be my family sampler from MDesign .. you know the one you've stitched twice! lol

Barbara said...

Putting the last stitch in a project that I haven't yet started ... it would be a large sea-themed sampler I designed myself but haven't had time to even begin yet. Putting the last stitch in a UFO - that's easy! That miserable sea dragon I started for Max about 3 years ago!!

Great questions!

J Rae said...

What good questions? Will have to think about my answers there. Hmmmmmmmm......Let's start...Mirabilia's Christmas Wishes. That is my next big project. train project. It has drug on for 5 years now and I am ready to finish it.

Love all the ornaments you made. They turned out so gorgeous! I love the box you are storing your finished ones in. I purchased several of those type of boxes after Christmas last year, on sale, for just that purpose.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Love the question and the new stash!

I had to think about the question for a while and I finally decided it would have to be the last stitch in the last standup for Pat Thode's Heartstrings Nativity set which you can see here;

I am currently working on Baby Jesus so I have a long way to go! :-)

The last stitch for an already started project would have to be the last stitch in my DS's Strictly Christmas stocking.

I've enjoyed seeing the results of your finishing frenzy! Wahoo!!!

Windy Meadow