Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I didn't need another show. really I didn't. And, no, I was NOT looking for one either. I mean come on -- my weekly "essentials" include:
Perry Mason (daily)
Doctor Who
True Blood
Army Wives
The Closer (Kyra was robbed at the Emmys..... again)
Burn Notice
In Plain Sight
The Girls Next Door
CSI Miami (I may forgive Bruckheimer for last season's ending, but it's a near thing. Of course, if I did kill him for what he put me through in that episode then what the heck would I watch on TV???)
Without a Trace
Law and Order Criminatl Intent (only in reruns -- somehow I can deal with the tension when I know it is "done" but not when it is "happening" -- yeah, I know, it's TV lol
Law and Order (only up until the lawyers show up)

Is that the list of someone who is looking for more things to watch on TV? So I really think the television gets lonely and comes looking for me. you see, last night I made the error of thinking "I'll just look at the first couple minutes of The Mentalist just to prove I don't really need to bother." Well, it happened. I watched the whole dang thing and I'm positively entranced. Sigh. I'm doomed.

At least with all these tapes of shows to keep up with I will have plenty of things to entertain me with I do the next finishing marathon. Actually, I am probably going to have one the weekend after next. Wanna join me? come on -- get those ornies dusted off and keep me company.

I can't show you what's been taking up my stitching time because it is my Fall F&S for April. Nope, no peaking! I could show you her floss toss....
9_15_2008 002
The front square is done. Now I need to know what to do about the back.

Beyond that, allow me to show you some fresh stash. Yes, it is true. I need fresh stash as much as I need a new TV show. lol What can I say, apparently stash conspires against me. See, somehow I ended up on Silkweaver's site, and somehow I just had to check out their new shopping system. While checking out said new shopping system I found this solo:
9_22_2008 173
which is absolutely perfect for Enchanting Lair's Believe which I got last year at the Pals Fall Fling--
Which I really, really want to do. Anyone want to join me? I'll be starting AFTER (by George it WILL be AFTER I finish my Black Swan dragon.)

Anyway, while I found that perfect solo I saw this little smiley face on the apge saying they were offering "Happy Packs"-- grab bags of aida or evenweave/linen. Yup, I had to have one of those. And look at the joyous goodies that came in my Happy Pack:
9_22_2008 175

Cool eh? I'm excited. The green is a solo 28ct lugana. The tan is "Heritage" hand-dyed, 32ct jobelan. The blue is "Powder Blue" 32ct opalscent jazlyn. I can hardly wait to find the perfect patterns for them. ..... Oh no. What if this compels me to start a new UFO. Let's face it, we have to be honest-- it will become a UFO. That's just the story of my life.


Sharon said...

We watch a lot of the same tv shows and I quite agree about Kyra being robbed! Just makes me mad thinking of it. I haven't watched Bones-is it really as good as everyone says? Great pieces of fabric-that Silkweaver solo will look awesome with that project.

Michele said...

lol we definately have a lot of similar tastes .. I watched the Mentalist and loved it too!

True Blood
Army Wives
The Closer
Burn Notice
In Plain Sight
NCIS - returns
Without a Trace
Prison Break
One Tree Hill
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Rescue Me

and I'm sure I'm missing one or two! lol

Love your new start, you new fabric and I bet I'll like your new haircut too :)

Shelleen said...

I watch a lot of TV shows as well and don't need any new ones either but a couple look good lol. Ok I really have a bag and a crate full of things to finish so yes please count me in on a weekend. So is it for Oct. 3-5?

Barbara said...

Sounds like we watch a lot of the same TV shows... ;)

Jennifer said...

I schedule out the shows we're going to watch when the new fall schedules are announced. Probably we should just get Tivo.

I LOVED the Mentalist. LOVED it. It doesn't hurt that I absolutely adore Simon Baker (he was fantastic in The Guardian). This is a fascinating show. Probably it will get cancelled.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh great colorus for that F&S! Wonderful new fabbies you got there!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Love your fabrics!! I haven't indulged in such a long time because of stash in profusion...but I would so love to. :{
Your "believe" stitched is so beautiful.
I'm with you on most of your tv programs. Are you a "Dexter" fan, too. I loved that show. And, I'm hooked on Nancy Grace, Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy. I'm going to start "True Blood," again, but my first watch made me think it was too head-bangish for me. Am I wrong? I'll have to see.
Hugs, Deb PS: Love the Mentalist!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I'm with you loved the Mentalist right away and have added it to my permanent list. Love the silkweavers fabric you picked for the Believe design and your grab bag too. Got here from Shelleen's blog and added yours to my watch list. Happy Stitching, CJ(ok;-)

Sally said...

I love NCIS, all three CSI's, Dr Who, Law and Order ( all three but expecially Criminal Intent. Unfortunately NCIS has just finished over here so we've got to wait until next year and we've only got CSI Miami at the moment. I miss Speedle though. Not the same without him!

Beatrice said...

What about Criminal's awesome!
I had to laugh when I saw your list your as bad as I am I love them all.
Today they teased me with Quincy ME...said it was on and the they showed Moury Povich yuck!
Your stash is all wonderful...what beautiful fabrics.