Monday, September 08, 2008

Ahhh, the end of weekends

Well, mission accomplished. I have "new" hair-- and it turned out pretty darn nice too. Blessings to brilliant hair sytlists everywhere!

Other than hair and cleaning and scrubbing and tennis viewing and videos and DVDs, here's what I accomplished:
9_07_2008 004
I only did the backstitching on this one. My buddy Diane did the butterfly but was feeling skittish of all the bsing. I actually enjoyed it. Shhhh, bs patterns everywhere might start wandering towards me.

9_07_2008 018
This specialty-stitch tree is from Gift of Stitching magazine. I'm not going to mention the designer, because I prefer to think that this was an abberation for her, but OMG this pattern was TERRIBLE. I think it ended up that 2 of the rows were charted completely wrong as compared to the model, another row was charted with an impossible to stitch order of stitches, the "numbering" on the legs of each stitch were unreadable, and the only instructions accompanying the chart were for finishing not stitching. In short, it sucked.

And another Charland wobbly tree -- apparently they wobble while I picture them because thay always turn out blurry:
9_07_2008 026

And, finally, for dear old Mona -- look what's coming to the Pals ornie exhange:
9_07_2008 013

Ok, I'm back to packing and double checking the house. I'm soon to be off on my train with an audio book and my stitching. Hee heee. Maybe another ornie by tomorrow? Wish me luck!


Annemarie said...

i Ruth, thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment :o)

I don't mind backstitching either. The specialty stitch ornament tree sounds like a bit of a disaster, though, although the fiinished product looks lovely.
LOVE that reindeer ornament!

karen said...

RUth, Mona's gonna love it. LOL what is the name of the chart? or who is it by? he is just too cute.

Your tree still turned out great despite all the suckiness of it. i hate patterns like that.


Mel said...

I love the butterfly and tree. I am always afraid to try those specialty stitches. You've done a great job

cathymk said...

Fabulous Ornies! Love them (especially the evil tree!)

Sally said...

Love the ornies Ruth especially the reindeer! Mona will love that! Lol!

Chris said...

I'm with you, the bs'ing on the butterfly would have been the quickest part.

Regarding your specialty stitch tree... I stitched the same design back in April, from LNS monthly class. LNS owner's instructions were great. Funny thing is I pulled mine out Sunday night so I could stitch another one for PALS.

Sharon said...

Hi Ruth, they all look great. I love the butterfly!

Michele said...

So, you are just giving me that dare cute reindeer .. right?? lol
yes Mona loves him! lol

I dont' mind bs either .. looks great!

sorry the tree was sooo tough .. but it turned out great!

Yvonne..... said...

The ornies are cute but I want to see your hair!! LOL!!

Chiasmata said...

You're really getting stuck into those ornies! They all look stunning. Hmm... I stitched that three from GoS last year, but don't remember having any problems with it. I guess I'm lucky in that I never read the instructions, lol!

Mylene said...

wow! you sure been busy. Your stitching and finishing looks great!!

Karrie said...

Your ornies look great!

Well done for perservering with that difficult chart, if it was me it would have ended up in the bin! ;)

Sandy said...

Love the stitching. Where are the "new hair" photos. You can't leave us all hanging like that you big tease. :P

Stitchingranny said...

My you have been busy Ruth.

Carol R said...

Beautiful Freedom butterfly Ruth