Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's about darn time we had a weekend! (a Vonna update)

So, how's the weekend treating you? Big plans? Will there be steaks for Father's Day? I'm probably having some curried lentils -- mostly because they're what I have left over. But that's apropos of nothing.

First things first, thank you all for your help on the bear. I'm still torn, but I suppose I can wait to see if anything screams out when he's actually all filled in. Kathryn, the white part of the body is going to be in Silk and Ivory and possibly a little sparkly integrated.

I realize now that I forgot to share the "stash" I got at the needlepoint shop in between tallis bags -- a cool little volume from Susy:
6_7_2008 017
Yes, if you have a collection of Susy's previous books, this one is made of selections from two of them so maybe you don't "need" this one. But it's a handy little 5x7 size which makes it easier for travel stitching than her usual jumbo-sized books. Some of the detail is missing -- like the numbering of many of the stitches, but what the heck, we're pretty smart folks; we should be able to figure it out. The pictures are clear and there's a little bit of everything in it-- strait stitches, cross stitches, rounds, backgrounds, etc. A perfect balance of handy things that could be useful when packing a canvas for a trip. And, did I mention, cool stitches too. Check out this sample:
6_7_2008 019
I predict that this little darling will go on the road with me a lot.

Despite the lovely little book, my needlepoint has been missing me because I have been drawn back to my Vierlanden. I don't know; it just called to me. Here's where I've gotten to:
6_14_2008 002
6_14_2008 004

It has even drawn me off my "Vonna piece" (aka The Legs) [Sorry, Vonna, I can't help but think of you when I see those legs hanging there bodiless. lol] For the record, here's what the legs are supposed to be attached to:
6_14_2008 007
It's companion will be stitched next to him
6_14_2008 006

Here's my "progress" picture for today:
6_14_2008 010
Does it look like I'm having fun????? lol If you can't guess right on that one the first time then there's no hope for you as a gambling person.
For the record, it's official. The tangelo has definitely gone free range. I haven't a clue where it went. Probably to Hawaii without me.... dang it!

It has come to my attention that my dear friend "Martine" has received her little goodie:
4_06_2008 022
Yes, I know that my dear friend's name is Michele, but I call her anything that starts with "M" because at the Cross Stitch Pals convention last year she kept forgetting fellow Pal, Louise's, name. So Chris and I started calling Michele "Midge" or "Molly" or "Mehitable" etc. what can I say, we're goofy and we were sleep deprived.

Quote of the day: Fandom takes hostages.
Marion – Zombies of the Gene Pool – Sharyn McCrumb [If you don't get it, don't worry. If you do, the chuckle is yours, free. I know it makes me laugh.]

Pleased as punch: that Stephanie won America's Next Top Chef -- proves that you don't have to be a horse's behind to be a chef
Woo hoo: Army Wives is back!
Just finished (again): Sharyn McCrumb's Zombies of the Gene Pool -- title aside this is a mystery. Sharyn's wonderful. If you don't care a thing for the scifi world, then explore her Southern mysteries. If you like NASCAR, try her two NASCAR novels. For me Zombies was an exercise in hanging with an "old friend" and and proof that books strike you in radically different ways depending on "where" you are when you read them.
Can't wait to finish although I'll be sad when it's over: Charlaine Harris' Dead until Dark


Kathryn said...

You are going back to Verlanden because of that LOVELY maroon thread. It is gorgeous.

As far as the SuZy book, you could always go back and hand write the numbers on the graphs, but then again I am sometimes an obsessive.

I am just waiting to be a hostage taker and no longer a hostage! No more bid parties for me!

Barbara said...

I've never heard of it, but the title Zombies of the Gene Pool has me LMAO! I immediately thought of a few high school classmates ... LOL!

Great stitching progress. I also have a little stitch-dictionary or two with illustrations. They're invaluable!

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, your Vierlanden piece is just stunning ;)

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

It's great to see Vierlanden back! I just love that deep red!

Aren't Suzy's books fun? You'll be fine without the numbers. The needlework police won't be looking over your shoulder! :-)

Your "Little Patriot Fifer" and his companion reminds me of the Fife and Drum corp from Williamsburg. They do such an outstanding job, especially with the huge crowds that always gather when they start playing and marching!

Now that his legs are done, you are going to have to eventually stitch his tuckus (sp?) or his feelings are going to be hurt! :-)

Loved the post and what else are you stitching for exchanges that we can see?

Windy Meadow

Margaret said...

What a lovely piece 'Vierlanden' is - now I just wonder which four countries they are talking about.

I've been browsing through all you lovely stitching. I do hope you get back stitching on your Halloween Fairy - she's so pretty.

Lennu said...

Your sampler is stunning! What a wonderful piece it will be.

Sally said...

Wow Vierlanden looks stunning! I love the colours.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

LOL at the Quack comment!

Let me know how you do with tacking. I was thinking about you and laughing (for fun) as I was retacking a canvas last night. I kept watching what I was doing, which I never do, to make sure that I told you correctly how I did it! :-)

The other option is Evertite Stretcher Bars? I've read many good comments on different blogs and lists. I do have access to them at my LNS but I have so many of the regular stretcher bars I just haven't spent the money to invest in a set of Evertite's. Especially since they are so expensive. I'll probably purchase a set with my next large canvas.

Have you found Coni's blog yet, the Spinster Stitcher? I think you'll enjoy her style of writing.

Windy Meadow

Dragonflymystic said...

There you go Ruth! You inspired me to look it up today! Also, you have a very cute blog!!