Sunday, June 22, 2008

For Margaret, Vonna, and me......

Despite being Errand Girl (Coldwater Creek in search of skirts -- got 2 shirts but no skirts; Target for Corporate candy -- I really should take a picture one day of the Great Candy Debacle; to my friend's office for heat relief and helping her and research for my office; dinner at the Mall with shopping for my friend's mom's impending bday-- Happy Bday Sandy!; my office for The Great Candy Drop Off -- 7 large Taget bags full; home! -- See? Errand Girl.) yesterday I accomplished some stitching. I'm looking forward to more tonight, but the jury's still out on that.

Anyway, for Vonna and Margaret I made my Halloween fairy my Stitch-a-Thon project --
6_21_2008 012
See, Vonna, she's got legs and some part of her shoes!!! lol Just for you, dearie.
6_21_2008 018
Why had I been ignoring her? She's so much fun to work on! Tonight my hopes are to finish her feet and the leaves around them. It's too hot to sleep so I might as well stitch..... then again it's too hot to stitch too many things also. Cross your fingers! -- Thank you, Vonna, for exhorting me to give the girl some legs. And thank you, Margaret, for the impetus to get back to work on her.

And, get this -- I even managed 2 ornie starts and finishes between Thursday and yesterday --
6_21_2008 008
They are Charland's tree from last year's (?) JCS and a modified LK from JCS (also last year I think). The beads are all courtesy of powwows and the floss used for the tree is Crescent's Belle Soie, but I don't remember the color name right now. I'm kinda hopeful in that I'm all excited about Christmas ornies right now. I'm thinking of declaring next week Ornament Week. Want to join me?

Oh, I got some stash last week that I've neglected to share. A bundle from Carrie's Creation Threads
6_21_2008 003
She has the most jewel-like colors. Don't you just want to dive right in to those blues?


Chiasmata said...

Nice stash haul! I received a Carrie's Creations in a floss grab bag from Jayne's Attic and you're right, they are the most beautiful jewel tones. Have fun stitching with those. :)

Linen Stitcher said...

Great progress on your Halloween fairy. And I LOVE those floss colors! Very nice selection!!

karen said...

great progress on the Fairy. I will join you for the ornie SAL. is it this week? I still need to finish your RR (yes, i am behind). OY! Hoping to finish it tomorrow though, maybe. had a migrained all weekend so no stitching done.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous new stash - very yummy colors. And your fairy is so lovely! Great job!!!!

Sally said...

I fancy collecting Carrie's Creations. I'm using them for my Quaker Christmas and they are beautiful.

Your Halloween fairy is gorgeous.

Hazel said...

Oooh pretty stitching. Thanks for leaving me a comment. :)

Sonda in OR said...

Looking good!!! I do love those Carrie's Creations colors. If I did more substituting for charted threads, I'd probably use them more. Happy Stitching!

Beatrice said...

Hi Ruth,
I've just caught up on all your posts that I've missed. You have been a very busy girl.
I love the exchange and stash.
the Halloween fairy has feet good for {her} She is cute.
And the piper too. hmmm feet and legs again!!
The ornies are very pretty!

Barb said...

Your Halloween Fairy looks great. It is so cute. Nice stash haul!

Chris said...

She has legs!!
She has LEGS!!!!!!

Great progresson Halloween Fairy. The ornaments are very cute. And you are correct about the Carrie's Creation threads, I never realized all of those vibrant jewel tones were there. I may have to start picking up some of those here and there.

margaret said...

Hi Ruth,
She is looking great. I still haven't taken mine to the framers yet but have been showing her off. I have ordered Christmas Elf to do and I really like the pixie series from as well. Have resisited so far :o)))
Margaret from Australia

Sharon said...

Halloween Fairy looks great. Congrats on the ornie finishes-very pretty. The threads are gorgeous.