Friday, March 28, 2008

Sonda is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what came in the mail to correct my generally pissy day --

3_28_2008 008

Isn't it beautiful?! Aren't a lucky ole so and so?!!! I was shocked when I won Sonda's 4th Blogiversary prize, but I'm over the moon about the lovely fob (with the totally cool fish) and the beautiful green (I'd never seen that Carrie's color before), and it all came in this lovely tin. Hee hee. I can go back to being a happy badger!

Thanks so very, very, very much, Sonda !!! BTW, if you haven't discovered Sonda, you should drop by her blog. Really, you should.


tkdchick said...

Wow! That's so pretty! I love the way you put it "correct your pissy mood"

karen said...

that is really nice! that would definitely correct a pissy mood here too! hugs

Barbara said...

What a super fab fob! :D And I love that floss!

Sonda in OR said...

You're so welcome, Ruth!! Glad you like it! Here's to a better mood!

Michele said...

love that fob! did she make it?? or???

glad it helped with your pissy mood .. at those!

Chris said...

Love the fob. And its timing was perfect since you needed a boost to get our of your pissy mood.