Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Saturday, everyone!

A happy weekend to one and all. I have been a slug and I'm darned proud of it! I didn't set an alarm. I spent the morning reading and testing the comfort level of every corner of my pillow. Hey, do you think that might qualify me as a quality control engineer?

Now that I'm in to work I have been unearthing various parts of my desk only to immediately bury them under piles of crap I need to read. I have two projects in my life right now, one that keeps turning back up like the proverbial truly hideous penny (research on logistics and distribution systems and biomedicine) and a new one on a cool new museum. You can probably tell the museum has captured my heart. But to get to the museum I need to wade through about 1000-pages on biomed and logistics/distribution. Sigh.

Anyway, while I console myself with the impending museum research, I can finally share a little stitching. Jill has received the Earth Day exchange from Fair and Square that I did for her. [For the record if you haven't ever visited Jill's page you should... she's very entertaining and does wonderful pieces!} She lives in the snowy north (a clime that is absolutely foreign to me!) and I became obsessed with sending her a little Spring hope to hold her over until her yard thawed out so --
3_16_2008 033
This is an adjustment of a pattern from Donna Kooler's 555 Timeless Cross-Stitch Patterns. Originally there was a gazebo-like arbor that went over the tree, birds perched on each side of the arbor top, the bunnies were closer to the tree and there was a bee about twice the size of the eggs hovering around the tree. The first thing to go was the arbor because it just wouldn't fit. Once the arbor went the birds had to go. Then the bunnies got rearranged. Finally the bee left because it bugged the heck out of me. Oh, and the colors had to change because they were so not right. I was deeply disturbed about the birds. I really wanted a bird. Then the fight with what to say on the back started. I easily settled on wanting my name over one in the corner, but the center sentiment vexed me greatly. Sheesh, you'd think I was writing War and Peace! I went thru 3 or 4 options over the course of a week before settling on what I used. then I had to chart it so I could use the bird. I just had to have that bird!

I should have other stitching progress to show, but I don't. I was a cleaning fool while home so despite taking 3 projects home with me for evenings, not a single stitch got stitched!--not one, I swear! But here's what did get accomplished:

Before #1:
3_21_2008 001
After #1:
3_27_2008 001

Before #2:
3_21_2008 002
After #2:
3_27_2008 002

Before #3:
3_21_2008 003
After #3:
3_27_2008 004
{the big, open cardboard box in this pic is probably box #8 of Christmas ornies--- someone has too many ornaments! lol}

Before #4:
3_21_2008 004
After #4:
3_27_2008 003

See, I was accomplishful, just not stitchy! lol A few more bits and we'll be out of the way of the real estate agent. Fingers crossed and prayers aplenty appreciated.

A question for you all -- the quilt needlepoint I did for my sister --
3_16_2008 013
was originally intended to be a pillow. I had planned on insetting it with a knife-edge welt in blue moire. But now my sister is thinking she wants to frame it. She's leaning towards a colored frame, maybe a metal one. Would you just frame it or mat it? Originally I thought matting would look funny, but now I'm thinking that just a frame would make it shrink. Opinions?

Go have an excellent rest of your weekend!


Kathryn said...

Loved the Fair and Square. Putting the bird on the back was PERFECT.

MAT the quilt. Everything looks better with a mat. And you NEED a mat to keep the glass away from the stitching if you are planning to put glass over it. In fact I am a sucker for double matting, picking up a color from the picture in a narrow 1/4" mat and overmatting in white. But one white mat will do, especially if you are thinking about a colored metallic frame. I'd go for a light pink or light blue.

tkdchick said...

Great Earth Day square! Boy the thought that went into that one!

I'd say Mat it I think putting the design right up against a frame would bee too abrupt.

Kendra said...

Great F&S square!

I never put mats on any of my needlework, because personally I think the mats take away emphasis from the needlework itself. But that's just me.

In this case, though, I could see how a mat might work better than just a frame. Since the piece is a quilt, a mat would appear to be an additional border for the quilt. As for colors...a dark red frame would really pull out the dark red in the quilt, but you might not be able to find a close enough match. You could also go with one of the greens to draw out the greens in the quilt, but again, finding a close enough match might not be easy.

Wow, that was probably not much help, was it? :-) That's what I get for leaving a comment when I'm tired...LOL!

Michele said...

Love your F&S's ... such fun!

hmmmmm, I'm really horrible at this stuff .. I usually work with my framer and we play around .. mat, no mat, glass, no glass .. wood or metal frame .. there really are lots of options! good luck! Can't wait to hear what the final decision is :)

ohhhhh and great cleaning!! lol, now that's a lot of ornaments .. sounds like me! lol

Barbara said...

That is some serious de-cluttering action!!!

Great Earth Day square!

Janaina said...

Pic #4 is the most shocking one! Wow! Someone has been busy!:o)
Mat it, althought I am a pillow fan.

Marie-P said...

Great job on the Earth Day Blocks! Your Name block is very clever.
As a quilter I am very impressed with your needlepoint. If you decide not to mat is you can always have the framer put "spacers" in to keep it from touching the glass. I am with the majority and would go with a mat.

Chris said...

Looks like great progress was made at your Mom's place. I would lean toward using a mat, but then, I've never framed a needlepoint piece. I have one in progress that is unfortunately in the UFO pile. Whenever I get it finished, I'll be facing a similar question and will rely on Sarah's opinion since she has stitched and framed several needlepoint pieces.

Hugs my Dear.

Janet said...

You must be feeling a great sense of accomplishment re the clean up (how many times have you looked at your photos :)?)

I would try a mat, maybe a burgundy?? It's a stunning piece whatever you decide to do with it.

Itching To Stitch said...

Will you come to my house and clean a few rooms for me??

I think your needlepoint piece needs a mat. If you decide to frame it without a mat, you'll probably need to add a few extra rows of stitching, otherwise you take the chance that some of the canvas will show around the edges. You actually may need to do that with a mat also ;)

Cheryl said...

I had to laugh at you testing the comfort level of your pillow! Good job with the tidying :)

Jill said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my blog in your post. I am so touched. I really love this blogging thing, sharing my works and knowledge and reading and learning from others.

Your Earth Day squares should be there anyday as they were mailed last Thursday, 3/28. I am anxious for you to get them.

Thanks again and happy stitching! :)