Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter weekend

It's way too late/early and my feet are cold. I should go to sleep so I can be up early to help my sister with cleaning and such, but no. I stubbornly remain awake listening to disk 5 of Anansi Boys (Neil Gaiman is amazing) and thinking of things to chit chat with you about. I am a very silly girl.

I've got not major stitching accomplishments to share since the most accomplishing I've done of late has either been work-related or staring blindly at TV. If only I could count as an achievement the careful viewing of Make Me a Supermodel, CSI, Bones, Lockup, The Girls Next Door, America's Next Top Model, Top Chef, and/or Iron Chef America. Dang, I'd be so accomplishful if I could count those.

I can show you some recent stash I picked at TNNA that's arrived recently. All I can say on the subject is that there aren't enough hours in the day --
3_20_2008 005
3_20_2008 010
3_20_2008 011
I'll have to get back to you on which designer they are from. I can't remember right now and I'm too lazy to walk into the other room and find my notebook which lists them.... even though it might warm up my feet.

Ok, Barbara and any of the rest of you interested, allow me to introduce some of my badgers. This is a small corner of my collection... maybe a quarter to a third of them, but they are the ones I can get to easily since they are in "The Badger Box." The BB is a cedar jewelry box my aunt and uncle gave me for "your nice Indian jewelry." It was really very sweet that my aunt noticed how many Indian pieces I wore, but she had apparently only seen in miniscule amount of the pieces I had. lol Regardless, the box makes a great place for some of my rocky/furry friends to live.
3_20_2008 024
Mostly they are Zuni, but with the rising popularity of Native American fetishes there are many around by non-Zuni carvers. I pretty much just gravitate to neat colors, shapes, and features. Allow me to introduce you more formally to a few of them --
Here's my cedar badger with a power bundle on its back
3_20_2008 034
3_20_2008 033

A little marble one --
3_20_2008 059
3_20_2008 060

A little cranberry glass slag guy --
3_20_2008 062

One of lapis lazuli and one of pipestone --
3_20_2008 065

Of abalone --
3_20_2008 054

This one's jet with turquoise eyes and heartline --
3_20_2008 043

a little marble guy --
3_20_2008 039

and coral quartz I think --
3_20_2008 025

Badger's represent the direction of the South and the color red. They are noted for their strength and tenacity -- their aggressiveness, perseverance, and their goal-oriented stubbornness. Frankly I liked badgers before I knew about fetishes because I thought they were fascinating. I mean they look like a stickless dust mop and yet they are only out-feindished and out-nastied by wolverines. You have to respect an animal like that. Well, I do anyway. Once I discovered fetishes I simply had to collect badgers. I leave the more common bears to everyone else.

I'll close by giving a "before" pic of what I'm aiming to accomplish over the next week. My sister arrived from DC tonight and she and I are working at mom's through Thursday morning. My plan is to deal with the misc stuff in the pictures below. Wish me luck!!!!
3_21_2008 001
3_21_2008 002
3_21_2008 003
3_21_2008 004
Quote for the day: How do you buy happiness without money?
Ron Stoppable – "Kim Possible"

Still hoping to finish soon (and hauled along in my luggage for the week): Neil Gaiman's The Anansi Boys, Terry Pratchett's Pyramids, and Jim Butcher's Storm Front


Vonna said...

That is quite the collection of Badgers you got there Ruth ;)
And a load of sorting and cleaning you've got to do with your sister...yikes! I understand all about that...
Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

You have a lot of badgers Ruthie dear, and I'm sure you'll find more. That's what collecting is all about, right? ;-)

And oh my... you & your sister have the work cut out for you. I think if I were you, I'd rather sit & stitch & direct sis on what to do.... ;-) ;-)

Happy Easter my friend!

Barbara said...

Thank you for the pictures!!!

I have some family who'd go ga-ga for what appears to be a turquoise one in the box, and I'm particularly fond of lapis lazuli ... but the carving of that little pipestone fellow just takes my heart. :) He's obviously dug in the for the duration! Badgers, interestingly, are one of the few wild animals here in the Netherlands that receive much publicity.

That weekend project you've photographed is VERY ambitious! Wishing you lots of success in getting it all sorted. :)

Anna van Schurman said...

Like your canvases--very funky!

Chiasmata said...

That's a stunning collection Ruth. There's a Collectors show here in Australia, and that's just the fascinating stuff they love to show off. It's one of my favourite shows. :)

I love the new stash additions too. Good luck with the cleaning!

Janet said...

Awesome blog!! I'm so glad to have found it. Love the collection, especially the little cedar one, he's perfect.

Good luck with the cleaning and sorting. I'd pop over and help if I was local. Sadly, I get a buzz from seeing order come from chaos, but rarely seem to find the time at my place!

tkdchick said...

Thanks for sharing your Badger fetish with us! Love that bit of info!

Michele said...

Thanks for sharing your badgers with us! That's quite a nice collection you have :) Can't wait to see more!

Hope you and your sister have a production week! I'm sure you'd like to see the end of this sometime soon.

Sonda in OR said...

That sorting and cleaning looks like my craft corner of the bonus room. I don't dare show that, though. Love all of those badgers!!