Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We gussied up and headed off to church this morning to bond with all the hometown buddies. Our congregation does a floral cross every year -- a festive picture even in the years where it seemed that gardens were less than fruitful...
3_23_2008 002
But amidst the floral glory was the announcement that two weeks ago someone had broken all the windows in the church office and last week someone broke all the stained glass windows along the main street side of the sanctuary
3_23_2008 011
Sigh. People suck.

I finally sorted and uploaded pictures from the scenic walk my sister and I took yesterday. We wandered along the old main drag of town enjoying the gardens and old houses --
Check out this roof. I've always loved this house. Every time they reroof there's a feature article in the local paper.
3_22_2008 003
3_22_2008 015

I know this shot seems off center, but that's because I was trying to get the side yard which has this amazing, trellised wisteria in full bloom --
3_22_2008 037
3_22_2008 043

And now for the local "color"....
How do you like this ultra-furry cactus?
3_22_2008 051
3_22_2008 056
3_22_2008 058
3_22_2008 050

Hopefully I'll have pictures of packed boxes, empty floor space, and some STITCHING (shock) tomorrow for you. Cross your fingers.

Have a wonderful post-Easter everyone!!!!!!!


Kathryn said...

Lovely architecture.

BayCon is doing OK, but is in its third hotel in three years. At least we have a three year contract in this hotel (Hyatt Santa Clara). But every time you move you lose about 10% of your normal audience. We have some great guests -- Writer: Tim Powers, Artist: Todd Lockwood, Fan: Patty Wells, Toastmaster: Scott Sigler. Once people find out where we are, they will be back.

Ruth said...

Sounds like it will be really nice. What's with the area hotels?

Travel safely home!

Vonna said...

Some people do suck and I don't understand what the "thrill" is to ruin something...sad.
Lovely pictures Ruth...that roof is something!

Jennifer said...

That is such a cool house!

Here's a strange thing - yesterday when we went to church with DH's parents, their priest announced that the rectory had been broken into the night before, and his quarters were ransacked and many of his personal items, including his laptop, were taken. It makes you wonder how people can be such jerks.

tkdchick said...

Wwwwaaahhhh! Irises! You still can't see my gardens for the FREAKIN' SNOW!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful pictures!
Such a shame about the windows, people do suck

Michele said...

People do suck sometimes :( sorry about the damage at your church.

Ohhhhh love the pictures! That is one funky roof! I must remember to show DH tonight :) and I love the cactus .. cute furry cactus! lol

Janaina said...

Adorable pics! I like the roof one the most!:o)Missing ya!

Kendra said...

People DO suck.

A Catholic school and a Baptist church were broken into and vandalized over the weekend...the destruction in both places is similar, but it's too soon to say if it's the same thing. I don't know why people get a thrill out of destroying things like this. Bunch of jerks. :-(

Barbara said...

Those pictures are so cool - especially that wavy roof.

I'm so sorry about the church windows. Indeed, sometimes people just suck. :(

Beatrice said...

Boy what a shame to hear about the vandalism. That is just so nasty!!
What are they thinking???
You photos are very pretty what a gorgeous area.
I love the furry cactus too.
Take care.

karen said...

you are oh so right, people do suck! why on earth would they do that?! I really love that house with the funky roof, that is too cool! the 2nd one isn't too shabby either! yep, that's a cactus. LOL you know i see WAY too many of those around here in AZ.

And to answer your question/comment on my blog, i don't know why i stitch so fast. I guess i have had alot more time on my hands lately than normal. If i really like the piece i stitch until it is finished quickly. LOL hugs