Friday, October 26, 2007

Pals and such

I thought ya’ll deserved some shots of how much fun we had! Not that pictures could ever do it justice. Trust me, at one point my “friends” had me laughing so loud I spewed water clear across the table … served them right! lol

Here are Jim, Sharon, and Baby Joshua receiving their Pals baby quilt on Dessert Buffet night --
picture 042
picture 046
Sharon, Jim, Joshua, and Joshua's quilt

Speaking of Dessert Night.....
Joshua's cake
Pals Dessert Buffet
That's only about half of the desserts on offer. Talk about a sugar rush!!!!!

General enjoyment shots:

SusanTN sorts stash in the Stash Room (we all bring our no longer essential patterns, kits, and fabric, they are sold at great discount, and the next-to-the-last night of the convention we all get a gift certificate to whatever shop has come for a share of the take)
picture 022

The Crabby Mike's Crew (aka "Where's the crab legs and pass the drawn butter") -- Julie, me, Emily, Dawn, Susan, Miss Ida, and Chris
Crabby Mike's Gang

The Other Crabby Mike's Crew -- Shelleen, Char, and Laurie
Crabby Mike's Other Gang

Julie, Steph, and Chris in the Stitcher's Purse class
JulieGA, StephFL, adn Chris NC at Stitcher's purse class

Mary of M Designs (witht he yellow papers) and the SHORT line in her shop-on-the-road
a short line at Mary's

Avona's Sistine Chapel
AvonaFL's Sistine Chapel unrolled
AvonaFL's Sistine Chapel close in

Part of the grab bags from Grab Bag nite (any receptacle of your choice filled with at least $15.00 in new stash-- mine was a glas basket with finishing forms, fabric for backing pillows, pinkeeps, etc., linen and jobelan, and a bunch of overdyed threads)
grab bag table

Ornies on the ornie exchange table (for every ornie you bring, you get a raffle ticket; when your number is called you hop over to the table and pick any ornament you want in exchange)
ornie exchange table

Sharon gives Amy a thank you plaque for 10 wonderful years of fun from Pals
SharonPA presents AmySC with our Thank You for 10 wonderful years plaque

And Amy and Ray get a chance to read it
AmySC and Ray with their plaque


Barbara said...

Is it possible that these photos are even more fun than the last batch? ;) What a great gathering, what a hooting good time!! Next year, I've got to make a serious effort to get some stitchy gathering happening over here!!!

Kathryn said...

Even without the laughter, it still looks like a LOT of fun. So how many ornies did you make? Get any to take home that you really like? That looked like the most fun to me, but I bet the classes were great, too.

Vonna said...

Oh everytime, I see this I want to go, I want to go, I want to go!!!!
Looks great!

Ruth said...

Stitching gatherings are THE BEST. And if you're on the East Coast of the U.S. in mid-October, I highly recommend coming to play with us at Pals. It really is a hoot and a half.

Kathryn, I managed to get 14 ornies ready for the convention. 12 of them for the ornie exchanged and 2 for inclusion into my gift exchange. They really were a lot of fun. You remind me I need to take shots of all the really cool ones I won though.

Wawanna said...

East Coast in the Fall, that alone would be enough for me...all those beautiful trees! Such a happy vacation for you, you will come back so inspired. What a joy for you.

tkdchick said...

What great photos its making me jealous!

Heather said...

Wow what a fantastic time you all look like you're having and those ornaments are fantastic.