Monday, October 01, 2007


Well when the weekend started I had these ornies in need of finishing:
to be finished as of 9/29/07
to be finished as of 9/29/07

After a very typical fiasco of losing my @*#(&)#*()&$@#*( stuffing and having to get a fresh bag on Sunday, all I managed to "accomplish" was the finishing of these:
ornie completions as of 9/30/2007
And the 3 of those that are not fringed pillows were stuffed ans sewn before this weekend; I just hadn't put the hanger on them.

I really need to get faster!


Cheryl said...

Hi! Found your blog through the Christmas ornie SAL one. All your ornaments look great! So much finishing in one weekend, im so jealous :)

Vonna said...

I have to say this is quite an accomplishment in my book :)

Barbara said...

Good heavens, I fell right off my chair in shock! I'd be thrilled if I could get that much finishing done in a MONTH of weekends!

Michele said...

ok that does it .. I'm sending you all my unfinished ornaments to finish for me! lol .. what a great accomplishment!!! Can't wait to see them in person :)

Sharon said...

Most definitely an accomplishment both in the number of ornaments and the finishing! They look great! Congrats. Thanks so much for the comments on my blog Ruth! I appreciate them!

tkdchick said...

OMG what a stack of ornies!