Wednesday, May 30, 2007

quick pics

Pam from the Wiehenburg sampler group has confirmed that she received my biscornu so it's safe for me to post. This was my very first one ever and it was quite fun-- well, all save for the threading of the beading needle! :)

Wiehenburg biscornu exchange 5/2007
Wiehenburg biscornu exchange 5/2007
Wiehenburg biscornu exchange 5/2007


Sharon said...

oh your biscornu is so beautiful, I just love the colors and your use of beads on it. What a great job.


Sandy said...

I love the biscornu, it's so pretty, esp. the beading.

And to answer your question, I'd be honored to have your Mom's bears. That's so sweet of you to offer. I would have emailed you but don't have your email address. Mine's listed in my profile on my blog. :D

Amy said...

Very nice Ruthie! ;-)
Great job! How ya been stranger? Hugs!!!

Kathryn said...

Bruce was friends with everyone. We ALL miss him.

If you do come to Westercon 60, look me up in Program Ops. Otherwise plan to come to Las Vegas next year. My husband is chairing that one.