Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back from D.C.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

I returned safe and sound from my non-surprise bday trip to spend my sister's bday with her. It was a surprise until my BIL emailed my sister and I the week befoer I arrived asking where we wanted to go to dinner one night. lol Poor man. He suffered through all the ribbing we gave him without complaint. I'm not sure how long he'll continue to take it though.

Twas a beautiful weekend although the humidity was definitely on the rise. I explored D.C. for a day while my sister was at work. I hit most of what I aimed to do -- The U.S. Botanic Conservatory on the Mall, the Native American Museum -- but decided against the humid walk to the Supreme Court, and replaced my time there with a visit to the National Art Gallery.

I hadn't been to the conservatory in years and it was lovely! Did you know they have a Chihuly??!!! :) I was in hog heaven.
img_2840 img_2812 img_2813

And the plants were pretty too.....
img_2853 img_2893 img_2925 img_2937 img_2909 img_2913 img_2896

I even found some wildlife!

The NMAI offered a new exhibit on women's dress:
img_2987 img_2988 img_2995 img_2996
And I whine about beading????????????

And a brief stop at the national art museum provided a Degas moment....

Day two began with the regional Leukemia and Lymphoma Team-in-Training kick off meeting -- both my sister and BIL do racewalk marathons with the team. Then, after a series of misadventures (Dumbarton Oaks was closed so there went that thought, wandering the streets of Georgetown for neat architecture was out because it was the annual garden tour weekend so no parking was to be found, and 6 million people thronged the streets of Dupont Circle for the EU Embassy open house tours so no trip to the Phillips), we headed out to the U.S. botanic garden and toured their 3 collections of bonsai, the herb garden, and the azelea trail.
img_3108 img_3097 img_3149 img_3187 img_3203 img_3235

And I found more wildlife :) A whole family of wildlife....

I do have some nice stitching updates for you, but I haven't uploaded the pics yet. Maybe tomorrow.....


Sandy said...

Wow the pictures are just gorgeous. I love all the flowers. It looks like you had a great time and a great visit with your sister. TFS the photos of your trip.

tkdchick said...

OMG! What stunning pictures! I really want to go to DC someday but hotels are so darned expensive!

Ruth said...

Dani, you are so right. I'm very lucky that my sister has the good grace to have a house in Alexandria, just across the bridge from D.C. :) And even better, an office about 2 blocks from "the Mall."..... well, it's two blocks when you walk in the right direction. lol what can I say, I get distracted by architecture.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love DC - glad you enjoyed your visit. You like Chihuly's, hmmm? You need to stop here on your way to MB one year - he's a permanent exhibitor in our Franklin Park Conservatory. His work is just amazing. How was the dress exhibit at the museum? We've not been yet this year ... I need a fix. ;o)