Friday, April 20, 2007

What to say?

I'm wearing as close as I can get to maroon and orange for the Virginia Tech folks. It's the least I can do. Such a sad, sad world. But I am most impressed with how the VT people are handling this, especially the students. Good show to you all.

Maybe today is just a day for some nice things. Here are flowers from mom's garden last weekend.
mom's pansies 4/14/2007 mom's pansies 4/14/2007 mom's amaryllis 4/14/2007 mom's prize Cecil Brunner 4/14/2007

BBD My Quaker House update from last weekend:
It's working up rather well. Of course there's some incidental wheedling since I changed all the colors. But then again, given how often I "adjust" patterns, I'm rather used to this sort of thing.

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Wawanna said...

I have read your blog...all of it and enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks for the addy! Yous stitching is super and love your choce of colors.