Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy, happy Spring!!! And some random wonderings...

Happy Easter and Happy Passover's-Almost-Over :)

I must share a happy dance. My M Designs sampler came back from the framers :) :) woooo hoooooooooo
I am a very happy badger. :) I have no clue where I'm hanging it, but I'm glad to have it home.

Now for the randomness. So I'm peacefully flipping channels yesterday. Ok, not so peacefuly since if I'm flipping channels I'm grumpy because nothing "worthwhile" is on. Anyway, I'm flipping channels and I hit the History Channel-- a channel which sometimes brings me interesting viewing, but not this day. The channel was showing Planet of the Apes. Planet of the Apes? The History Channel? Planet of the Apes? What the devil? You're with me on this right??? Honestly who do they have doing their programming? Oh wait, possibly a trained monkey... err ape? Idiots.

And some random Spring joy from my environs. for those of you who hunted eggs in snow... sorry ;-)
IMG_2441 IMG_2434

IMG_2472 IMG_2487

Like I said, happy Spring!

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