Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Progress? or Shearing Season Hits Needlepoint Row

We do this because it is fun, right?  We aim for accomplishful relaxation, correct?  Well, last night my "progress" was un-accomplishing this sheep on Ethel --

I know it is all my fault.  I made bad choices.  So Spot (why exactly did we paint a giant eye on this sheep??????) went from that, through this.....

... to this.   Now he has to wait until I find flosses to match the Silk and Ivories to stitch his face in.

Hence I moved on from Spot to some flowers, and I learned a vital lesson in the process --

-- that Thread Gatherer ribbons are a pain the the ba@@ket.  I used short lengths, treated them gently, and the edges frayed like crazy within 4 stitches.  Good thing a French knot bouquet will hide that. Memo to self, must find better ribbons--- any suggestions?

As a lucky accomplishment that I had nothing to do with other than to enjoy the fruits of the mail service -- check out the totally awesome squares that Jennifer of Sweet Pea Stitches made me for the latest round of Fair and Square--

And she even included this special goodie -- a fob she made herself!

How pretty are these little floral beads?!

The first thing they made me think of were Mindy canvases -- you know all those tiny little precision dots and swirls she does.

Then I thought of this little mosaic broach my Grandma wore for special church occasions.   Hmmm, I think I have that.  I need to hunt it up.

I'll close with my tiny little bit of progress on the Mega Mini October event being hosted by Pull the Other Thread  I'm really rather liking working on this little thing.  I've spent my year 90% committed to giant projects and I forgot how I relied on little pieces to buoy my enthusiasm.

Back to that disaster that is my desk......   Have a wonderful day!


LindataxPA said...

Love the beaded fob too! Jenn sure did treat you right. Since I don't do NP, can't help you with the fraying ribbons. You'll get help soon.

Linda said...

Your stitching looks great Ruth. I love the little house.


Preeti said...

Oh! What have you done to that little sheep :)
Your gift looks very nice and so does your mini madness has took off beautifully .

Thoeria said...

Little Bo Peep is looking for her sheep :D
Love Love the fob....that owl is gorgeous! And great stitching....even though you did have to shear your sheep:)
I use a local made silk ribbon from House of Embroidery, and Chameleon Threads (also local for me) is also good. I know you can get Chameleon through Polstitches...not sure of HOE though

Donna said...

I just made a similar pile cutting out French knots on a sheep. Changed the thread and I am much happier.

Have you tried the River Silks ribbons? They seem to hold up well while stitching.

gracie said...

Poor little sheep...will it soon have a curly coat? Love you blog....thank you for stopping by my corner of blog-land. I did not have email for you to send you a thank you!

Kaisievic said...

Great stitching, Ruth

Angela P said...

I really love the look of your ribbon project despite how badly the Sheep is acting ;) I know nothing about ribbons so I can't help. The Owl is lovely, so is the fob and I love your mini madness project. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)