Monday, October 13, 2014

I Think My Needles Were Cursed by Gypsy Sloths

Yes, gentle reader, I do believe my needles are cursed.  Possibly they were once owned by someone who snubbed a Gypsy?  Maybe I can do some sort of cleanse for them--- use only green floss for a week (the needle equivalent of juice cleanses???).  I feel they are cursed because, after a productive busy active occupied weekend, all I have to show for my stitching adventures are these:

Ethel has a full flower basket (yet another reminder to my little badger brain -- never again bother with Thread Gatherer ribbons from heck!!!!   Never.  Ever.   Don't get me wrong, I think they look pretty and I love the color variegation but the edge shredding is so not worth it.)

And my Mega Mini piece #1 made it this far (and only because I kinda pushed the bedtime border last night):

Honestly -- you see why I think my needles are cursed, right?  I mean if they aren't cursed then I would have to face the fact that I am a very, very slow stitcher who has a propensity to nap.

This is just a little bit of shop humor for you -- I worked at my LNS this weekend.... well volunteered really and spent a good part of the day opening shipping boxes and trying to find out where a customer went wrong in their count on a Victorian counted lace piece.  Never did work that out-- though we did come up with a fine plan to fudge it.   Anyway, parked in front of our door all day was this sight:

Nope, the tires weren't flat.  No, they weren't parked in a hill/on a slope.   Exactly how much weight do you have to put on one side of a Mercedes SUV to make it tilt like this?

I wish you a peaceful and productive day (without cursed needles).  And I leave you with thoughts for Formula 1's Jules Bianchi who was badly injured in a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix.  The F1 community has rallied around him and his family and team most graciously--may that help them all.


Becca said...

The flower basket looks amazing!

Mouse said...

well it does look fab .... may be you got a bad batch ??? and hmmmm rather large dog or driver in there
hope the needles improve for you and become steaming ones ... love mouse xxxx

Pull the other thread said...

Your progress looks great. I too hate when I have spent alot of time stitching but I have gotten no where work it.

Thoeria said...

Well....I'm thinking that it is looking lovely - cursed needles and all!

Sally said...

Wow that flower basket looks fantastic. Sorry to hear about the ribbons though.