Friday, March 01, 2013

Since last weekend went so well.....

... I thought, 'why not have a plan for this one too.'  So, here we all are.    Possibly this is a case of Hope Springs Eternally Optimistic, but I'm going with it.  It can't hurt, right?

Plans for the weekend:
1.  that dang Victorian heart -- I want to complete one ribbon row of full rose blooms (this would all make so much more sense to you if I just took a darned picture) and get at least a half row of buds done.  [This is, for the record, a stupid plan.  Last weekend it was me, my bed, my stitching, and my audio books all weekend.  This weekend I'm working Saturday.  Hope springs..... hope springs.]

2.  While I'm at work, I usually can't work too much on #1.  It needs complete and total, uninterrupted attention.  So, unless it is dead quite at the shop I need to work on something else there.  The candidates are manifold, but the most likely targets are:

Target A:  My brand new from TNNA this year baseball flag by The Collection Designs.  This arrived two weeks ago and I promptly started it.  Yup, I'm doing it all in Impressions -- the blue is pending a new shipment as we only had one skein and I think I'll need two for the flag and the take-away rows.

Given that it's hard to tell from the front, here's the back--

Mind you, I may come to regret that it's going to have to all be basketweave, but for now I'm quite entranced.

Target B:  Ethel (who is for our book-loving friend So Many Books 

The only caveat on Ethel is that she's pretty large-- meaning she can't come out to play if we have several people in the shop looking for help on canvases or picking tallis bags.... they need table space.

Target C:  is my flag heart -- 

She lack only the silver edge.  Once again, just basketweave, but I really ought to get this done one day.  And it's not like it should take all that long to finish... annnnnd it doesn't take brain power to work on basketweave take away rows.

3.  Post-work on Saturday I'm going to be chilling with friends/honorary-auxiliary family.  There I'll need something small and self-contained.  Probably I'll go with my commuter bus project, Workbasket's Quaker Penguin-- 
I'm actually further along than this, but my camera-ing has lagged of late.  Oh, and if the fabric looks a little odd in this pic, it's opalescent white.  Not too big of a pain to work on, but a little hard on the silk. Yes, Virginia, I said "silk."  I gave up on DMC 310 year's ago because I kept having breaking and shredding problems with it skein after skein.  I either work in Victoria Clayton's Noir or Splendor black.  Pengy happens to be Splendor.  You know, he really deserves a name other than Pengy.  I had an ancestor who because a Quaker.  I'll have to hunt up his name.  Seems a suitable title for our friend... well, except for the sparkly p

If not Pengy, I'll probably work on my BBD flag --

I'm also further along on this than the picture indicates.  Once again, my apologies.

4.  While not bruising my tailbone I will finish at least one book (I'd really like two -- I've been sloughing off my targets for the year) and stay the heck away from the remote control.  Really?  Is it all that hard to remember that there's nothing interesting on? (Apparently it is really, really hard given my proclivity to channel surf the day away.)

5.  I will find part of my floor.  I know it's down there.  If I did long enough I'm pretty certain it will turn up.

6.  I will *gulp* organize my stash monster.  I know.  I know.  I'm asking for trouble here.  But I have to.  There are two primary mounds -- one of WIPs/UFOs, and one of fabrics and treads -- and they are out of control..  I might could even get books on the shelves if the UFOs didn't block the path.... and that would get the shopping bag of books from Christmas out of the middle of the floor.  See, all my problems (well, ok, most of them) can be traced back to stash!  You should really cheer for this possibility because if I organize I might be moved to do a photographic inventory.  I could keep the blog in pics until 2024.

Here's wishing you and yours a peaceful Friday and an excellent weekend.  May you be just as productive as you'd like to be.


Carolyn NC said...

Mounds are perfectly acceptable - remember that. And who needs a floor?? Stitching looks lovely and I just love your book project!

cucki said...

Stitching is looking so sweet..your book project is so lovely too..
Hugs x

Giovanna said...

They're all lovely projects - love the canvases you're working on.

Susan said...

I laughed aloud at your goal of finding the floor! Don't be hasty in trying to get to it, though. Think of the valuable stitching time you migh lose.

SoCal Debbie said...

I love reading your blog! You really make me laugh. The needlepoint designs are beautiful. Your flag heart should be finished soon with only the silver border to go.

Thank you for the great comment on my blog too, especially the chuckle regarding DMC 310! Hahaha!

Margaret said...

I love seeing all your stitching projects!! As for a floor, well, as long as you don't mind stepping on things...... lol!

Jeanne said...

Lookin' good Ruth. I've had that BBD flag in my stash for comes the guilt that I haven't gotten around to stitching it yet LOL. Your needlepoint projects are really lovely. Good luck finding the floor...I know how you feel.