Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Turtle Trot Check In

Well, the weekend was kind of a wash for stitching and cleaning, but an excellent adventure in fun with the sister.   I had planned to have such accomplishments ready for the Turtle Trot check in this month, but noooooo.   However, I do have a big surprise-- I actually took a picture of my #1 Turtle project, the bete noir of my existence-- the Victorian Heart:
See what I mean?  Four rows of roses -- well, three rows now -- that's all I need to finish to have this thing out of my life.  The sky will open up and all of Heaven's angels will sing a mighty hallelujah.  And I shall no doubt allow my exuberance to carry me into a fit of new starts--- and 'lo on the fields shall be strewn fresh UFOs.  And the Lord shall look upon them with fondness because no longer will will he hear constant curses arising about roses and Victorians.

On the sister-adventuring-birthday front, we spent Sunday at a great California institution, the Huntington Library and Gardens (think, railroad baron estate with art museums, botanic gardens, and rare book collection).   Before I share the joys of the gardens, allow me to introduce you to some indoor wonders--
One of my very favorite paintings of all time, Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse by Joshua Reynolds.

And the quintessential couple, Pinkie and Blue Boy by Gainsborough
Sure, lovely and iconic, but not a patch on Mrs. Siddons.

There was even a sampler--
by Elizabeth Stone, born 1808.  I just love her border, don't you?
We stitchers do get everywhere, don't we?

And there was a Ruth photo opp --
That's my sister with "Ruth" by Chauncey Bradley Ives -- a contemporary of great cousin Hiram Powers who worked in the same area of Florence with him.

And, yes, there was even one by great cousin (or whatever great-second cousin he was) Hiram Powers --

He's called "The Fisher Boy" ca. 1850.

**I should warn you that the rest of this post should only be viewed by people who can take sunshine and flowers in a spirit of happiness rather than as a way for us Californians to lord it over those still encased in snow and ice.**
So here are some Huntington moments for your enjoyment--

It was a stunningly perfect day.  The Sister and I agreed that we could certainly make due with meals on this patio --
I mean, even instant oatmeal would taste better out here in the mornings!


so many books said...

Beautiful shots!

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh Ruth, I love your blog post! The Victorian Heart will be done in no time, and finally out of your WIP/UFO pile forever.

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous California pics. I'm right here with you... lucky us! It's 90 degrees right now as I'm typing this comment. LOL!

Thank you for the needles on fire comment on my blog, too!

Giovanna said...

The heart is spectacular - great going!

Ann said...

That heart is going to be absolutely beautiful--can't wait to see it finished because it has everything I love--roses and pink!

And the pictures from Huntington--breathtaking! On this side, we've had enough of gray, gloom, and rain and ready to see that ball of blazing gases in the sky!

tiffstitch said...

Hope you can keep slogging away at that heart to finish up. And call me so I can come witness the events. :) Excellent photos, that sounds like a great time.

Preeti said...

Hi Ruth, your Victorian heart looks very beautiful:) I too love making roses and I just finished my very first turtle trot project this month. I am your new follower and yes, a turtle trotter:) do visit me sometime.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - how awesome to go here. Great pics. And I love your Rose project. May you finish it soon! :)

EvalinaMaria said...

I love your Victorian Heart, the painting and sampler are great, the flowers are amazing. Many moons ago I lived in California and your pictures brought warm memories to my heart. It is snowing today in my part of the world. Nice and fluffy...

Astrids dragon said...

Your heart is just beautiful, can't wait to see it finished!

Fantastic pictures, just waiting for spring to show up here.

Stitchingranny said...

Your Victorian heart is stunning, I really do not need more stash lol, but can you tell me what chart this is please Ruth.
Oh and the blue skies and colourful flowers warmed the heart of a Brit facing more cold and rain.

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