Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rainy Tuesdays

Don't you think rainy days are meant for being a slug and stitching?  Me too.  Unfortunately that's just not in the cards for me on this rainy day,  But you know what, I can dream!  So while I imagine I'm practicing my best slug skills, allow me to catch you up on some finishes.

Many, many moons ago (aka December 2012) I got a couple pieces back from the finisher and I never posted them.  How lame is that?  First up a little cube needlepoint ornie to commemorate my first trip to NY.
For reference, that cube is about an inch square.  I was allegedly stitching on this for several years, but really it was the finishing that slowed me down.  I saw some come back from one of our finishers and the cube looked like an ill-used marble -- not cool at all.  When we got a new finisher added to our stable I checked with her and she swore she could actually make cubes.  And, bless her soul, she did.

Funnily enough this last Christmas I went to NY again.  Want proof?

I guess you know this means I need another NY ornie.  Anyone got a vote on what I ought to commemorate this time?  I think I'm leaning to the Rockefeller Center tree since that's where my sister contends I picked a fight with a strange man.  For the record, *I*, gentle reader, did not pick any fight.  I was picked upon.  *And* he was a dufus.

The following ornie is also done by "the new finisher" -- who did up this little heart just perfectly --  For the record, it commemorates nothing... or possibly it commemorates me and my TNNA stashing since I ordered this one year at the show-- 2011 I think.
The heart is in 3 Fyre Werks (I have to stay true to my favorite metallic.) and was a treat to stitch.   Some day I really need a hovel big enough for a tree.

And I have certainly not abandoned my xs.  Mostly I've been sorting it -- you know, "cleaning" by moving it from pile to pile  (merely, as we all know, an excuse for fondling it and dreaming about new starts).  But a couple weeks ago I failed to post progress on my By the Bay summer mystery SAL --

Since this is my commuter bus piece and I have taken it out of my tote bag, I doubt you'll see much progress on it in the coming weeks.  Wish it well while it takes a little commuting holiday.

Here's wishing you a peaceful rest of your day full of frog-free stitching .... and even a new start if that would make you as happy as it generally makes me.


SoCal Debbie said...

The By the Bay summer mystery SAL is pretty. I have all the parts downloaded to stitch... someday!

Giovanna said...

Great ornaments - love the one with Liberty on it! And very nice going on the BtB mystery.

Margaret said...

Fantastic! I am so in love with the cube ornie. My gosh, it's so cute!!!

Thoeria said...

Your finisher is a marvel! By the Bay is looking lovely...look forward to when it get's commuting again :)

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Love the cube...and yes, a Christmas tree ornament would be wonderful for a memory of your NY trip.

Love your By the Bay SAL progress.

Happy Stitching.

Mouse said...

oooo cute cube ... and I daren't ask how much it was to finish it ... lol glad you had a nice time again and you pick a fight naaaahhhh .... looking forward to seeing more progress reports too :) love mouse xxxxx

RuthB said...

Mouse -- in case you're checking I left a comment on your blog about this, but retail finishing on the cube (since it's a pain to do) would probably run about $55-60.

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