Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday

Well, I'm hoping for a happy Friday for all of us.  I figure if I think perky, maybe I'll get to perky.  At the moment I'm stuck at really-it's-not-the-weekend-yet.

What I need to focus on is that I can stitch (and clean, darn it) all weekend -- no shop for me this weekend and no adventures.  Just me, my audio books, stitching, and Chez Hovel... alllll weekend.   Oh the things I could do!

For instance, I hope by Monday to...:  (hysterical wish list commencing)
1.  ....finish at least one and a half entire rows of roses on that darned Victorian heart
2.  ....finish an ornament for Silverlotus' 2013 Ornament SAL  (Have you joined?  You really should you know.  Come on.  I know you want to.)
3.  ....make some progress on another xs of my fancy
4.  ....*not* stitch so long at a time as to bruise my tailbone (which I always seem to do when left without adventures for the entire weekend)
5. longer have to hop over that silly little box in the middle of the kitchen hall (It fell off a pile 3 weeks ago and I still have yet to pick it up.  Yes, I am cognizant of the fact that I am pathetic.  Thanks for noticing.)
6.  ...have an empty laundry bin... and an empty rocking chair (where the clean laundry frequently lives when hanging it up seems like way too much work).... and a lack of piles in front of the closet (where the clean laundry goes when the rocking chair is overfull)
7.  ...while doing the above, finishing 2 audio books -- Glock  and Shards of Honor, and get the vast majority of the way through Design for Murder which is due on Tuesday.
8.  ...have NOT spent all weekend "cleaning" my stash (aka fondling it and leaving it out in the way... like always)
9.  ....have not spent hours of the weekend flipping TV channels hoping something interesting will miraculously appear.

The problem with the above list is that I've been seriously coveting items from the new SANQ--
I have to say I've been really good.  I've probably had my issue for 2 weeks and I have not started a single thing!   See.  I've been outstanding!

The problem is I really, really want to start that cover piece--
or I'm also quite taken by --
Can't you just see this in a dark foresty green overdye on a fabric similar to this?  Well I can and it's calling my name.

Oh, the anguish of potential starts!!!!!   I *must* refrain.  I MUST complete some of my *hee*hee* "in progress" projects.  Honest to pete, if there's an earthquake they are going to find me under a sea of half-done stitching.

I wish you all a productive and peaceful weekend (don't you bruise your tailbones either).  Let's all meet next week to discuss our accomplishments.


Stitchy Mc Floss said...

I have faith in you that you will achieve everything on your list that is important to you. :)

Happy Stitching! :)

cucki said...

Yup you can do it.. Happy stitching xxx

Barb said...

You have an ambitious week-end planned! Good luck accomplishing it!

Giovanna said...

It's so hard to resist when all these wonderful charts keep popping up like mushrooms all over the place, isn't it? I feel your pain...

SoCal Debbie said...

That's a great wish list for the weekend! I've suffered the bruised tailbone too. Time to sit on a pillow and keep on stitching! I did finish stitching my ornament for this month, but it's not finish-finished. How about you?

Shelleen said...

I hope that you finished most of what was on the list.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Damn you, you just made me go get the laundry out of the dryer and sort socks before I allowed myself to read your blog!
Now going to find out how you coped with your mega list.

Alexandra Kate said...

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