Friday, July 01, 2011

Discworld countdown and other Vitally Important Things

2009 09 04 144 Terry Pratchett in roughly 6 days!!!! Yes sirrie, Madison, Wisconsin here I come!

What? You didn't know that Madison was the vacation hotspot of 2011? Missed the memo, eh? Sorry about that. I'll have fun on your behalf. Dear friends, next Thursday I leave for Madison (I think I do anyway, I haven't checked when I made my flights for) for a lovely extended weekend of Terry Pratchett-affiliated happiness. There will be dressing up, quaffing, and general good times. If you haven't experienced the Discworld series of novels--- then go do so. Don't do it in public though because you won't be able to control the need to laugh out loud (seriously) and the outbursts might frighten people walking by.

Now you know me. You know that this impending adventure means there was to be packing plans. Sure, clothes, shoes, shampoo, blah, blah, blah. But more importantly -- what books are coming and what stitching will make the trip? Oh the choices!!!! All I can say on books is that a couple Pratchetts, 2-3 Baxters (that's Stephen Baxter who is attending as he's working on a series with Terry currently), and possibly a couple Esther Freisners will hit the case. But the stitching oportunities are so difficult to wrangle.

What to take, what to take? I could try finishing some things that are pretty darn close like --
Tilogy's "Gathering of Hearts"
2010-03-02 007
or Sampler Girl's "Hope Perches"
2011 06 19 024
or this little bookmark
2011 06 09 013
or SB's Joy in the Journey
2011 06 03 015
or even Quaker a la Six Mains
2011 03 01 027

But then they are the things I really want to take like --
my sand dollar--
2010-07-20 009
or GOS' "Jeanne d'Arc"
2011 06 03 018
or A Mind Independent and Free
2011 06 03 020
or Martina Dey's Tsunami Sampler
2011 06 03 014
or good ole Beatrix
2010-07-20 038
or Lanarte's Arabian Woman (which I have made such immense progress on-- snort)
2010-07-20 030
or the red house (Ewe and Eye, I think)
2010-07-20 015
or The Golden Gate
2010-07-20 013
or my quail
2010-02-08 016

If I could pack anything irrespective of reality what would come would be:
1. Beatrix (can't go becuase those dang beads end up weighing a lot)
2. the Tsunami piece (might go despite being huge and therfore hard to work on on my lap in a convention room)
3. Arabian Woman (too complx to balance not only the stitching and pattern but also to hold the highlighter for each and every stitch)
4. the quail (too big)
5. The red house (too big as well)
6. The Golden Gate Bridge (needs to be on a stand for neat stitching)

At the moment I think what's making the cut is:
1. the sand dollar (it's a small enough needlepoint and it doesn't require the use of my stand, but it is sometimes to balance it with 3 needles of varied threads in process at all times)
2-5. some of the surprise pieces
6. F&S Round 25 (hi Elaine!)
7. the Tsunami sampler -- because I love it so much right now
8. some Christmas ornies

But maybe, gentle reader I should start a couple whole new pieces in hour of the adventure? After all, you'd hate me to to bored, right?

Happy 4th (and Canadian national day) to all --
5_25_2009 019


Beth said...

WAAAAYYY too many choices!! But, about your Sand Dollar, what stitch is that? I don't believe that I have ever seen it. It looks really cool.

Enjoy your travels to Madison. I am pretty confident that you will - LOL!

Donna said...

I love the mix of projects! And you've reminded me that my own Tsunami sampler is sitting on a dark shelf and has been for a long time.

Have tons of fun in Madison!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

As a long-time Discworld fan, I am, admittedly, just a giganti-,er, *little* but jealous that you're going to see him in person! ;) Please, please, please take lots of pictures! Have you thought of maybe starting a DW themed piece for the convention? Just an idea. Have fun, and happy stitching!

Karen said...

have fun ruth! can't wait to see what you decide to bring with you! :)

Siobhan said...

I think you clearly have too many choices and so need to start something else instead. How could you choose just ONE thing out of all those pieces??

Have a great time!