Thursday, February 24, 2011


I owe you stash. I know that. I'm behind. What can I say it's just one darn thing after another. This week I've run the gamut from the fashion industry to field research stations, from stadiums to space tourism, and it's not even Friday yet!

Anyway, on to the stash I promised. And I'll fess up now -- I probably don't have time for all the stash because I've got a billion things to do this morning.... Sorry!
These fabrics came in from my shop's Zweigart distributor last month (yes, I know I'm slow)
2011-01-23 014
That's a light natural, a vintage dark cream on white "overdye," and a white -- all are 32 count.

Remember the star tree topper I ordered at TNNA?--
2011 01 09 207
Well it arrived --
2011 02 20 014
Grin -- grin -- grin. It's not on bars so that I won't start it.... Must finish some already on bars needlepoints first! Sheesh it's getting to be like a kindling factory at Chez Hovel.

I also "rescued" this little lovely from the 70% off bin at my shop:
2011 02 20 011
It's a Danji gate and I see great potential for textured fun..... once I finsih the 6 dozen canvases in line in front of it.

Last weekend I pulled this off the boards at my shop --
2011 02 20 024
The person who got the Catherine Sampler is going to do this with me for another friend. Currently the posey bucket is in my life. I'll be putting the sparkly bits in the flowers and stems --- wooo hoo basketweave here I come! [That's faux enthusiasm in case you were unsure.]

Finally, I picked up these at JoAnns the other day --
2011 02 13 015
Because I *had* to have these:
2011 02 13 016
"American Sampler"
2011 02 13 017
Spring Morning Sampler from Rosewood Manor
2011 02 13 018
Beacon House by Praiseworthy Stitches
I just *had* to have them. Now I just *have* to keep myself from starting them. Hmmm, maybe that's the way to cut down on the stash hoard -- just think of each pattern I reach for as "just another UFO." Would that be enough to scare me into stoppping? Nah, probably not. Would it work on you?

And, yes, dear reader, I have actually gotten some finishing done! I know, I know. It seems miraculous, but I promise you that no photoshop tricks are involved in the following.
2011 02 20 003
Blackbird Designs "Quaker House" stitched in 2007 and finally framed in 2011 in a medium smokey blue frame.
2011 02 20 005
Mirabilla's "Halloween Fairy" which got its final stitches in 2007 or 2008 and finally found a frame in 2011. Now, I must say it wasn't for lack of trying on this one. This piece was a pain to frame-- a big ole stinky pain. The brown's odd, the metallic is odd, the beads are odd, the orange is odd, and the, yes, the green is odd. In short, what frame went with one or two aspets of the piece clashed with others. But lo and behold with a new frame delivery to my shop came this lovely little number --
2011 02 20 009
I just adore this frame. Finally something that didn't clash with anything and yet wasn't boring.
And I even had the bonus that this time the framer did the spacers in black to match the frame --
2011 02 20 010
See? Cool, eh? I always plexi or glass my pieces which annoys him because since I tend to bead he's forever having to put spaces in for me.

Any credit you feel I might deserve for acutally getting around to having something done with these pieces should go not to me but to the crew at POSSIBIL(I)TIES. They deserve the raves for actually prodding me into action--for their encouragement to face up to the piles of stuff I (and let's face it, *WE* all) have of completed stitching just waiting for us to do something with it.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful framing! The frame for the Mirabilia piece is perfect for it. Great stash too, looks like you're going to be busy for a while ;)

Margaret said...

Love the framing! Just gorgeous! Nice stash too. I keep looking for that Cross Stitch and Needlework mag at my B&N but they keep not having it. Hmph.

Karen said...

great stash! and great framed pieces! woohoo! a couple more possibilities done! :)

Donna said...

I don't know where to start! Love the canvases. Love the samplers. And am so happy to see your Fairy framed. Mine is still languishing in a box.

Brigitte said...

Wonderful framed pieces. And wonderful new stash. I also bought the new JCS issue because of the same design, it' very intriguing.

mainely stitching said...

Everything is beautiful, but your newly framed pieces really steal the show! :D

Paisley said...

Your framed pieces are amazing! You should be quite proud!

Carolyn NC said...

Framing is great! Love the tree topper - now where did you get this? Love all the stash!

Shelleen said...

Great stash haul. Love the framing on Halloween Fairy and you know how much I LOVE her.

Beth said...

Great stash! I am particularly intrigued by the star, that is really going to be cool!!

Love your finished too. I remember when you first finished the Halloween Fairy you were trying to get it framed then. And it truely was because you couldn't find a frame. So, your patience paid off - a perfect frame!! Whoo Hoo!

Maureen said...

great framing - love the colours in your quaker house. Some excellent stash buying going on as well i see..

Maureen said...

great framing - love the colours in your quaker house. Some excellent stash buying going on as well i see..

Siobhan said...

GORGEOUS framing!! I love that Mirabilia piece. Fantastic new stash, too!

Suzanne said...

You picked up some fantastic stash! Love your frmaed pieces, they are beautiful.

Donna said...

Love the Halloween Fairy frame. Mine has been finished for a long time too, and needs to be taken to the framers. Maybe this is the boost I need!