Thursday, January 01, 2009

All I want for Christmas is real Rose Parade coverage

Dear America, I would like to apologize for the national NBC coverage of the Rose Parade. If you have never seen the parade in person or seen a California broadcast of it, you have no seem the parade even if you watched it today on NBC. I learned last year that the rest of the country didn't get to see the whole parade, but this year the coverage was worse then I think I've ever seen. Al Roker and whats-her-name seemed to be the feature of the parade. I just loved having to watch them close-up talk about upcoming NBC shows and how we'd be seeing amazing floats while over their shoulder you could see a little bit of the grand prize float as it deployed. Jeez NBC how stupid are you???? No details on what's on the floats? A comment like "Wow, Al, can you imagine how many flowers are on that float?" Well, bimbo, if you were from real station you'd not only know what was on the float, you'd be able to tell us. Morons!

Anyway, if you weren't impressed based on what you saw on TV today, give the actual parade or some real TV station a try.

Ok, off soap box. Back to catching up on The Great 09 DC Christmas Adventure---

We did our Christmas early so that the littlest member could have his big Christmas at home this year. So we were Christmasing on the 22nd and the night before dinner was at Ebbitt Grill -- those folks gathered at the foot of the nutcracker are my nephew, niece, and grand nephew checking out how their picture turned out
12_20_2008 279
Then we headed over the the national Christmas tree
12_20_2008 358
12_20_2008 301
And we checked out the exterior White House decorations
12_20_2008 350
And here's yours truly and her crazy sister--
12_20_2008 372

My sister's lovely tree (only 700 ornies this year) is surrounded by all the presents upside down (little one didn't want anyone peaking in advance)
12_21_2008 017
Here's my nephew opening his semi-finished fife and drummer:
12_21_2008 026
And my niece examining the box I finished for her:
12_21_2008 074
ultimately this is what the box ultimately looked like-- not so bad if I say so myself --
12_21_2008 078

My sister and I took little one to the National Cathedral. If you like stained glass and architecture, don't miss it. They've finally put in a parking lot so now going isn't such an impossibility.
12_22_2008 039
12_22_2008 052
12_22_2008 082
12_22_2008 109
12_22_2008 272

They also have great needlepoints all over --
12_22_2008 071
12_22_2008 074
12_22_2008 079
12_22_2008 096

They had a special exhibit of nativities from around the world which enthralled my nephew:
12_22_2008 142
12_22_2008 143
12_22_2008 146

We went from the cathedral to pottery painting where we all worked on a special present for little one's mommy-- (that's my green and red ornie stuck on a paint brush in the cup in the middle of the table..... I'll stick to to stitching lol)
12_22_2008 371

Back later with more -- it's time to read a story now.

Continuing peaceful New Year's wishes for you and yours!


Kathy A. said...

What beautiful photos of DC at Christmas - thank you for sharing.

Anna van Schurman said...

You have to watch it on HGTV! They give the best coverage--even better than the LA coverage. They have the gardening guy on and give very detailed descriptions of each float. Much better than abc.

Kendra said...

I've been lucky enough to see it in person...back in 2001 when Purdue was out there playing in the game. We figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Purdue in the Rose Bowl (boy, how right we seemed to be and didn't even know it...LOL), so we made the trip out there. Part of the Purdue trip package deal included tickets to the parade. It was pretty cool.

And way back when, once upon a time, I myself was in the Orange Bowl parade with my high school marching band. :-)

mainely stitching said...

Wow, what fun family photos! :D Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn NC said...

What beautiful pictures - looks like a wonderful time!

Chris said...

Wonderful pictures my friend. Two mental notes I've made, 1) to see the National Cathedral next time I'm in DC, and 2) to see the Rose Parade in person one of these days. I'm glad you're having such a good time.

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for all of the pictures!

I watch the parade on HGTV. Great coverage, and they describe what is used on each float. Lot's of behind the scenes coverage!

I haven't been to the National Cathedral for a long time. Glad to hear that they added parking!

Have you made it to any of the local needlework shops yet?

Windy Meadow