Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We'll take a cup of kindness .....

... for auld lang syne.
12_27_2008 054
Happy 2009!!!

Here's to a far better 2009 --- I'm wishing for world peace and a better job. What about you?

As for resolutions I just don't know. There are so many excellent plans available, but seriously am I going to carry them through? I think I'm going to endeavor to buy much less stash this year. I have too much now. Let's try finishing some things, shall we?

At this very moment I think I'd like to finish the following in 2009 (Ya'll know I'm a mood stitcher so I reserve the right to be fickle):
1. 6 needlepoints (including my powwow shawl dancer, my second clock piece, Ladies Day, that farm piece I can't remember what threads I changed to what on, and my standing sheep)
2. Beatrix Potter's Quaker sampler (thank goodness for the BAP stitchalong blog!-- I'm counting on all of you to drag me through!!!!)
3. my Vierlanden sampler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Black Swan's Dragon's Lair
5. BBD flower basket
6. Quaker a la 6 mains
7. that frelling Dragon Dreams castle ornie
8. 2 belted housewarming's
9. a belated thank you
10. the Dimensions' kit "Soul Music" of howling wolf cubs
11. at least one piece for the Washington house fundraiser (I'll get back to that another day)

That's enough for now --- we'll see next December how pathetic I am at this.

On other fronts I really want to take my "book" a week pledge from last year more seriously. I did ok on and off, but certainly not for months.

You know I used to really like New Years. When I was little, but not so very little -- probably junior high and high school -- New Years was my one late night of the year. My mom, dad, and I would spend the evening with my great uncle Leo playing Tripoli (a combo of Hearts and poker). I used to looooooove that. The "rule" was that once someone was wiped out of chips the game was over. Poor mom; she'd work so hard to get rid of her chips as fast as she could after midnight, but every time her head was turned Leo would augment her pile of chips. I loved ti -- mom just wanted to get some sleep. Once we played ***gasp*** until 2am! I was in hog heaven. lol

Anyway, I don't get such glee out of New Years anymore. It means I'm closer to getting back to the office; it means I've had to NOT get another year older (holding at 32, in case you were wondering); it means the world really hasn't gotten any better/more peaceful/more considerate etc; it means I've had to say good-bye to more people who mattered.

Along that line, let me close with sad farewells to too many people gone too soon--
Arthur C. Clarke
Eddy Arnold
Tony Hillerman
Algis Budrys
Majel Barrett
Forrest J Ackerman

Ok, I've been depressing long enough. I'm going to go pour myself into bed. I wish you all a great first day of 2009 followed by an even more wonderful year!


mainely stitching said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'll take a bit of that kindness if it's going around. :D

Carolyn NC said...

Happy New Year to you - hope it's a good one!

karen said...

Happy New Year Sweetie! It was a quiet one here last night, just Caitie and I stayed up until midnight. we played rummy and of course i beat her pretty good. LOL

hugs and really hoping to see you in APril. :)

Kendra said...

Movie buff that I am, I'll add Cyd Charisse, Anita Page, and Van Johnson to your farewell list. 3 classic MGM stars. *sigh*

Hope many good things come in 2009. :-)

Paisley said...

Happy New Year, Ruth!

Cyn said...

Hi Ruth,

Happy New Year!

I know what you mean about finally being old enough to stay up late! What a treat back then. :-)

How did you manage with the 40 MPH winds? They cancelled the outdoor fireworks up here.

But you have something to look forward to -- another PALS weekend! :-)

Windy Meadow

Sally said...

Happy New Year Ruth!

By the way I haven't forgotten about the PIF I owe you. I'm getting round to it soon:)