Sunday, January 25, 2009


Thanks for your kind words on my pathetic stitching progress. I swear my needle takes out rather than puts in stitches.

Kathy - yes, those stocking are needlepoint. Somehow when I think stockings I think needlepoint or the quilted one with the funky fur cuff and giant pompom my mom made me. I even have several xs stocking patterns that I love, but I never get to them.

Cindy -- I tell you what, in your honor I'm digging out Gathering of Hearts today. Want to stitch with me? I mean all you have left is those little ole sqaures.... you can do it!

Ok, I WILL do the TNNA report today. I WILL!

Here's my version of the grand entry:
1_18_2008 095
It's not the main door, but even that didn't have the usual fru-frus this year I don't think. I was shepharding my buddy Jenn and she'd done something to her ankle so we weren't walking far or fast... and I'm sure you all understand limping through a needlework show as preferable to resting your banged up ankle for faster healing. Oh come on, you know you'd limp rather than miss a minute of the show.
Anyway, just inside the door you see the edge of Danji's booth. Maybe this picture will serve as a reminder to me that I really, really want to do some of her pots. Trust me they're stunning. For instance here's a couple--
Danji blue and pink pot J-946
Danji teall pot J-948
I actually have several Danji canvases already in my hoard including this one which I had highlighted yesterday as a possible in my planning for the year:
Danji garden gate unstitched175_jpg
She has a sample of it stitched in her catalog:
Danji designs garden gate
I can only hope mine can turn out as nicely!

Be that as it may, I need to say that no photos are allowed inside TNNA. Now some vendors when politely asked let you take pictures of canvases you are considering for clients so I do have some to share.
Here's TNNA's own shot of the exhibit florr:
It's enough to make you drool, right?

One designer we always spend a lot of time with is Sew Much Fun. They are from Canada and do the most amazing dimensional animals and soft color palatte pieces. Jenn and my shop's teacher have a tradition of doing one of the animals every year. So far I think they've done a cow, lion, turtle, poodle, and something else. This year's purchase is the kangaroo---
1_18_2008 005
But imagine how hard it is to pick when you have all those options. And that's only half of their dimensional animal series!
1_18_2008 008
That's yours truly taking a really goofy picture of herself. For the record, I want to do that vases canvas above the mirror.

We spent a while chatting with a new exhibitor Barbara Bergsten. She had one of my favorite canvases of the day:
Barbara Bergsten Won the War
I have to do it. It's just wonderful.
Barbara also has a blog where she has pictures of her booth (but not her charming mother who was helping her at the show), and she also posts stich guides and tutorials on her blog. It's a place of great wonder and delight, trust me! Go visit her and say "hi."

It was a successful weekend for the shop in terms of shopping (looks like we're going to get the full line of dellica beads, and we checked out Baroque Silk which has a great lustre, matches perfectly with the Soy Lustre line, and can be used unstripped(!!!) or stripped at the needler's preferance), but also at the end of Sunday they announced that my owner had won one of the silent auction gifts-- a basket of goodies from the designer Alice Peterson--
1_18_2008 102
Alice Peterson has amazing needlepoints one of which I simply have to have:
alice peterson johnny jumpups
Those are Johnny Jump Ups and I HAVE to have them!
They also have many, many other wonderful canvases. Say, for instance, this one:
alice peterson
Imagine that all workedup with special stitches and hoards of cool fibers! It make me swoon..... but ti'd still take me forever to put that first needle in. lol

Now for those of you having to shovel stuff right now, here's a little San Diego jealousy for you. Our hotel room was on the very end of the hall so when we entered we were facing walls of glass. ie. we had stunning views! (pardon my fingers)
1_18_2008 051
1_18_2008 053
1_18_2008 054
1_18_2008 055
1_18_2008 056
1_18_2008 057
That giant building with the spiky mether end is the convention center, and yes, it has tennis corts on its roof--
1_18_2008 059
A sculture on the upper level of the convention center:
1_18_2008 074
Sorry, I didn't make it up there to find out what it was called.
The convention center fronts the marina which makes for lovely ocenfront walks--
1_18_2008 066
And views of our hotel:
1_18_2008 067
We were on the point facing away from where I'm standing to take this picture in the tower closest to me.

The convention center has a nifty way of controlling the advance of creeping vines. Sure they get trimmed by a crack gardening crew too, but the edging is brilliant:
1_18_2008 086
1_18_2008 048
And they use their vines to emphasize thier sculptures:
1_18_2008 083
1_18_2008 064

There's this nifty walkway between the hotel and the convention center -- it's thin and winding and planted like a jungle. It would be claustraphoic, because you are wedged in between the giant walls of the convention center and the hotel, just you on this winding path with lots of plants, but it's really well lit and half way through there's this:
1_18_2008 087
... hanging waaaaay up there. And it makes this....
1_18_2008 091
... along the walls and across the walk depending on the time of day. It's really, really cool.

Finally here's my gleeful friend, Jenn fending off my attck when she smuggly pointed out that all she did to "fix" my camera (which I was sure I'd broken because it stopped showing me what I was picturing in its image screen) was hit the button labeled quite clearly "disp."
1_18_2008 076
1_18_2008 077
She's allowed to crow. I felt like quite the idiot, relieved, but an idiot nonetheless.

Toodles for now. All this talk of stitching is making me itch to get needling!


Kathryn said...

Thanks for the report. I really love all kinds of conventions. (OK, except maybe automotive. I don't get cars.) Danji's pots are beautiful. At first I thought all those background stitches were bullion stitches and I thought, "Not in a million years", but then I saw that they were bugle beads. OK! That is a lot more doable. Needlepoint doesn't seen to use beads as much as cross stitch does. But then again cross stitch doesn't have as many metallic threads as needlepoint does. More cross stitch designers should use Petite Treasure Braid. I love Danji's flowers, but her gigantic swirly sky totally overwhelms her delicate flowers. I hope you go for a more nuanced sky.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Very cool report! I just loved San Diego!!!

Chris said...

Wow, you win the award for blog updates for the weekend. Love all the photos from your updates from today. And another informative and all-inspiring report from TNNA. I can't wait to see post of all the goodies you brought home for yourself.

Cindy said...

Deal! I will stitch Gathering of Hearts with you. Too late for today, but I will have it sitting out on the counter tomorrow. I will finish that darn thing yet :)

Your TNNA report is great!

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a nice trip and weekend! Love the pics.

Stitchingranny said...

ooohhh lots of lovely goodies there but I do like those pots.

mainely stitching said...

OMG, I am just green with envy! But thanks for sharing! :)

Pumpkin said...

Great trip! That must have been something to see :o) It sounds like you have quite the sense of humor. LOL!

Thanks for visiting my Blog!

Paisley said...

Great TNNA report! I love those animals! I'd have a hard time choosing just one! And then there's that beach scene! Good thing I don't do needlepoint, I'd be in some serious trouble!

Siobhan said...

I don't do needlepoint but looking at those photos makes me want to learn! Beautiful! Looks like you had a great time. Loved the San Diego pics!

Carol R said...

Thanks for the report and the wonderful photos - I almost feel I was there alongside you!

Jennifer said...

I love, love, love that kangaroo. Love him. He'd fit right in with the rest of the the ones I have collected over the years.

Kathy A. said...

love your report. I am amazed at the photos you have taken. They are remarkable.
BTW, I found some old wooden spools cleaning house. Would you like them for ornaments? Email me at and I will send them on to you.