Thursday, January 10, 2008

More DC tripping.....

.... OK, I've managed to get some more pics uploaded for sharing. And it
is a good thing I still have travel pics since my stitchign of late has been "secret" stitching so I couldn't share that anyway!

My final hours in NYC were spent exploring around Wall Street. I visited Trinity Church where Alexander Hamilton and Albert Gallatin are buried and where this memorial to 9-11 stands:
12_29_2007 191
It's a representation of an old tree that was damaged/destroyed on 9-11. The sculpture now sits in memory to the left of Trinity's front door. Aside from the famous personages, the Trinity graveyard also has some fine examples of Colonial and early Republic gravestone angels --
12_29_2007 196
While I have to admit I can be "entertained" for hours if left loose in an old cemetery, I can't quite see my way clear to the recent fad for stitching gravestones. Nope, I gotta say, I don't get it.

Wall St. itself was very nicely deced out -- although I'm sure this would have looked much niftier at night:
12_29_2007 244

And I took one last picture of the happy kidnappers at the "mother church":
12_29_2007 253
Yes, there's something very telling about the BIL's face. lol

After our whirlwind in NYC we headed back to DC to the relative calm (Congress wasn't in session so it really was pretty calm). In no particular order ....
I spent quite a bit of time at the Renwick
1_02_2008 029
which was hosting an exhibit of quilts (amazing quilts, I might add) called "Going West." If it comes to your neck of the woods, go! The map quilt is worth it alone!! The crazy quilts are astounding. Oh, just go already!

The Renwick's permanent collection is the home to the bulk of the Catlin Collection. As it is one of my very favorite things I bonded big time. Right there at the top of the stairs I achieved bliss.....
12_31_2007 058
I just sat and enjoyed for a while....
12_31_2007 001
12_31_2007 064

The Renwick also holds other amazing pieces -- for instance, I'd like you to meet Young's "Amphora Save":
12_31_2007 035
This next one cracks me up -- Zucca's "Shaker Television"
12_31_2007 045

I stopped by the Museum of Women in the Arts (not a Smithsonian) and I am glad to say it was half price because they had two of their floors closed. What I did see does not inspire me to return. Possibly all the very best stuff (and lots of it) was on floors 2 and 3, because all that was out for the public when I was there was about 3 dozen paintings and a wonderful (but very tiny) special exhibit on Acoma pottery. The pottery was marvelous and I'm glad I saw it. But it was a 30 minute museum.
This is Chino's Seed jar for the record:
1_02_2008 061
1_02_2008 063
Like I said, Acoma pottery was worth the trip. If you get a chance to see an exhibit of it, try it out. It is truly lovely.

My final day in DC was spent in very slow wandering through the East and West Galleries of the National Art Museum. In the West Gallery I was completely enchanted by the JMW Turner exhibit
1_03_2008 116
There was no photography in the exhibit, but trust me on this, the man was amazing! Simply amazing. This collection is going to a couple other places in the US. I believe the next stop is Dallas. If you have any liking of painting (any medium) and landscapes then you MUST go. It's pure poetry.

Also in the West Gallery I met new "friends"/photo opportunities .... This is Conova's "Winged Victory":
1_03_2008 008

... and I spent quite a while staring at old favorites -- 2 of Monet's series on Rouen --
1_03_2008 055
1_03_2008 069

I wandered across to the East (modern) Gallery to spend some time with the Calder:
1_03_2008 108
and dropping by the Hopper special exhibit and the special showing of "Small French Paintings" (if you like French artists and this visits your town, go-- these are pics that aren't usually on display and you'll love them).

My final stop is the city was to spend some 20-30 minutes watching what I called the light tower in the Reynolds. I am NOT a modern art person, but I fell under this piece's spell big time --
1_03_2008 121
1_03_2008 123
1_03_2008 159
1_03_2008 139
1_03_2008 152

ttfn --

Just because it made me giggle -- the truck of a DC street-side vendor:
1_02_2008 021


Barbara said...

Cool!! I love the museum pics. Gosh, it's been too long since I went to a museum without kids ...

Chris said...

Love the photos. Wish I could snap my fingers and be at Renwick, I would love to see the quilt exhibit (and other things also).

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Sandy said...

I love all the photos, it looks like you were busy and had a lot of fun. TFS.

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