Friday, January 18, 2008

At long last the wait is over!

Now that she's finally seen it, I can share the M-Designs personalized sampler I did for my friend Anita's Christmas/bday. You know, I might like it better than mine lol

1_14_2008 006
1_14_2008 007
1_14_2008 011
1_14_2008 013
1_14_2008 016
The eye, Celtic swirl, and amber charms are all off Anita's own necklace of good luck charms. The icon charm near the bottom is of Saint Hugo (I think) the patron saint of dogs. Anita wanted lots and lots of books, her two dogs, two blackbirds (for mirth), and a duck. I added her purse collection, dog prints, her ubiquitous and interestingly-shaped coffee mug, the bench in front of her house, and lots of little specialty stitch bundles. All of the stitching is silk -- some Thread Gatherer Silk n Colours and some Vicki Clayton. This was a blast to stitch. In a few months I'll be itching to stitch another one so I'll have to find someone to stitch for. lol

I can also share my last Fair and Square round which has arrived with Laura
1_07_2008 005

Kathryn -- How would you like me to forward It's me Rudolph and Winter Row along to you when I get done with them?

Jennifer -- How would you like the LKs when I'm done with them?

All stash should circulate!!!!


Amy said...

Hi Ruthie! That's great... but no offense, the "eye" creeps me out personally! lol ;-)
I think you should do a Pals Sampler.... and have it done for Oct. this year! There is yet ANOTHER challenge for you. I'm sure everyone would be impressed, esp. Mary! :-)

Your F&S is lovely, great job. Love the birds!!

Have a great weekend my friend! Many hugs!

Michele said...

OMG Ruth! I haven't finished my own one and you've done two! You rock :) and it's wonderful!!!

Barbara said...

That personalized sampler is just fantastic! And I love your birds on the FS exhange!

Kathryn said...

I had to wait until we drove back to Nevada today. Reading blogs on my iPhone is possible, but commenting is not pretty.

Yes, that is a GREAT sampler. Your friend should LOVE it. Yes, I would love those patterns when you are done with them. If there is anything you would like a pattern of that I have stitched, just let me know.

No I wasn't really upset by the MacWorld disorganization. I rarely get mad, but I was a little panicked as I am short and get claustrophobia when people start pushing and shoving. Eventually people calmed down and I found a sheltered place to stand.

Joyce and Cathy (co-chairs of this year's Loscon) were at the SCIFI meeting today and somehow I got my arm twisted to do the LosCon program book this year. Not really a problem as I have done a worldcon program book, a Westercon program book and lots of Baycon program books. There's a meeting for the Las Vegas Westercon here next weekend. We will have a full house, but that also means I have to clean up the sewing room enough to open the queen sized bed. THERE's my task for the week!

Cheryl said...

Wow, this piece is amazing! Having something so personalised makes a gift like this a real treasure!
Lovely squares for Laura :)

Chris said...

Forgot to comment last week when you first posted. The sampler is beautiful. All the personalized parts of the design are great. Looking at it again, I just noticed the "don't make me shush your a**" message, which is priceless. I take it that is a favorite phrase of this particular friend. Love the colors you used too.

Sandy said...

both are so pretty and I'm sure they both loved each piece. TFS

Solstitches said...

What an amazing sampler and to think you've done two of them!
Your stitching is beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog and you nice comments :)