Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stitching and stash

I stitched! Therefore I deserve the stash I got! Well, maybe not, but that’s what I’m going with…..

The over-one Quaker on the left is what I completed on the train out to mom’s for Cleaning Time. The backstitched one…… is a mystery because I forgot to bring the pattern in to label it. Sigh. Tomorrow is another day.
ornies Sept 2007

Yes, i know. It's not much in the stitching front, but it *is* stitching and I am sooooo slow I think I deserve to be proud. So, since I stitched, here’s the stash:
From Vicki Clayton – Heavens I love her silks!!!!!!
Vicki Clayton silks

From Carrie’s Creation – the close up hopefully conveys how completely yummy these colors are
Carries Creation threads
Carries Creation Threads

I also just got in some of Wichelt's Vintage Country Mocha. It's "patterned" not hand-dyed. What do you think? I think it should work just fine as a reasonable substitute for some of the pricier hand-dyes:
Wichelt Vintage Country Mocha
Wichelt Vintage Country Mocha

They'll be more stash to show tomorrow or the next day. I got a little pile in today. It's so exciting! The joys of fresh stash are innumerable.

Oooo, go see the wonderful free Sampler Du Dico at: http://motifs-marquoirs.over-blog.com/ Hmmmm, just what I need, another thing for my want-to-do-list.


Barbara said...

Holy smokes, that's some serious stash!! Love those yummy colors, esp. Vikki's silks. Mmmmmm!

Vonna said...

WOWZERS! That is some stashing if I've ever saw it! I love that fabric!

Michele said...

quick I need kleenex I'm drooling all over my keyboard!!! lovely threads! and of course you are bringing them all to MB, to share, aren't ya *grin*

liked your ornament finishes too :)

Red said...

Yikes!!!! I would love to see all those lovely colors and silks IRL!!! Of course you deserve it!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ruth. I am on the road and will post the colors I switched to on The Raven. Thank you for your kind comments.

Ruth said...

Yes, I do seem overly endowed in the stash vicinity of late. The colors are divine and the fabric is good. It's still a little strage to flip the fabric over and see a plain back. lol Perchance I need to test a couple ornies on it.

Michele -- You'd better keep that kleenix on hand! lol no drooling on the keyboard!

Red-- thanks! I'll look forward to it. Your Raven is stunning!