Friday, September 21, 2007

Sorting and cleaning. Cleaning and sorting.

So we dealt with some of the antique needlework this afternoon --
The one in the lower right corner of the above pic is one I chose . It's made out of sewing thread. It really feels like you are holding a cobweb! What can I say, my great grandmother was good!
These pics are a very tiny representation of the "non-fancy" work. Heck, they are also representative of a small amount of the really fancy work. Yeah, I have a big pile to store.

We also cleaned the cast iron stove which was for most of my growing up, the primary heat source in the house

And we tackled the picking of the trunks. The ones shown here are the ones we're going to sell. Yeah, I know. I owe pics of the ones we're going to keep.

And, just for ducks, here's a shot of my dad's field phone from WWII --

Ok, I'm taking my darn tried fanny to bed. Well, first I have to pack some stuff so I can use the bed, but you get the idea. Pleasant dreams!

Things to be thankful for: That my BIL invented Triple Sec chicken this evening -- OMG it was good.


Vonna said...

Oh my...lovely stuff :)

Barbara said...

What gorgeous antiques!! That lace your grandmother made is just breathtaking!

Sandy said...

Lots of neat things you have found and it looks like a lot of work too. Looks like you've been very busy lately.