Monday, January 15, 2007


Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't mean that I accomplished any stitching. Truth be told I did put in about a half dozen stitches, but that was about 10pm and by that time I was already tired and I think I found an error in my last color..... why yes, of course, I've already tied that color off. Thank you, Lord, for these little challenges. I know I'd be bored without them. Instead of trying to wake up enough to figure out whether I found a real error or not, I just closed up shop for the night.

The progress is in the cleaning here. My sister helped me figure out that despite the cold out there, I could use my room as a sorting and packing central if I got it cleared out. Clearing went well. Thanks to my sister's help, the upstairs is empty except for bookshelves and office furniture. She left me then to play with the new scanner they got for the family photos. I spent the afternoon sorting and piling and dumping then. I guess I made good headway. It doesn't seem like it, but Naomi keeps telling me I am. Could all be a plot to keep me with the program.

Tomorrow I hope to get the rest of that sorting down and clean up in general out there, then (if the winds have dimmed) take some furniture from out there over to the storage facility, and spend the rest of the daytime shifting "Ruth stuff" from the rest of the house to the sorting areas back there for final decision and packing. In all that sorting and packing, I want to get the recycling and trash bins filled. I'd hate to not take advantage of a trash day! lol Oh and my sister and I decided our goal was to get all my Christmas ornies/decorations sorted, wrapped, and boxed by Wednesday so they can go get stored.

I moved a few pictures tonight and I think it's long passed time I shared the one of SharonPA and I -- Sharon was kind enough to come and visit me in DC while I was at my sisters for Christmas vacation. She came down New Years Day and we had a lovely afternoon.
Me and Sharon on New Years Day 2007

I hope they are joking:

Your Irish Name Is...

Eimear McLoughlin

They might be right:

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Hmmm. I wonder.........

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