Monday, April 20, 2015

Howdy, Monday!

Good Morning, World!   Why, yes, you do detect a whiff of perky in my tone, which is most unusual for a Monday.  And said whiff was quite absent until just a half hour ago.  But on the way back from caffeinating myself I ran into my buddy Ye (yes, I know you don't know her, but just stay with me here), and she announced that she got engaged this weekend!   I am so happy for her.  She's awesome and deserves the best.  That guy of hers better be good enough for her or he's in for a world of hurt from me!   Anyway, you can all thank Ye for the big, doofy smile on my face and my reinvigorated outlook on the week.

Certainly my showing on my list of hopefulness for the weekend just past does not warrant a perky outlook on the week.   But let's start with the sunshine --

Now you can see why I call the Vee and Co ornie pattern "big tree"--

I'm just bordering shy of completion.  Mind you we almost came to a squawking halt last night when I ended up a mere stitch away from that bottom line of text -- it's supposed to he 3 stitches away.  I swear on stacks of stash that I counted several times before stitching.   Regardless I just love his expression.

Ethel got one of the three baskets I was hoping for--   this one in alpaca and velvet -- very upscale for dumping on the grass on the way to market, but I like how it turned out.  Well, I like all but the rim, but I  figure that will get covered over a lot when I put the greenery and flowers/fruit in.

And Ethel also got a decent amount of sky.  I have committed to filling in all of the sky and stitching the clouds over the top in Whisper -- I think it will help with a more whispy, ethereal effect.

And look what arrived in the shop all shiny and new---- several locale ornies from Kirk and Bradley!

Thus far I have refrained, but I've  been to Paris and NY so I think I will eventually need those.  And I definitely *need* to go to London so I can earn the right to get that ornie -- the pigeon is just too cute!

So let's review Friday's hopeful list (come on, you know you could use a laugh):
  • Ethel progress -- those 3 small baskets and some sky
    • 1 basket and some sky....  reasonable all things considered
  • Mr. Engineer -- figure out new stitch for the pants
    • Yes!   Sorry I lack for picture on this.  I don't know where my brain was.  4 books and a half-hour of flipping and debating had me settling on the corduroy stitch.....duh!   Why didn't I find that earlier???? 
  • progress on Boothy -- this should not be so difficult dang it
    • Got it out.  Looked at it.  Put in back in the back and shoved it to the end of the bed.
  • a finish
    • Ha!  Don't make me laugh.  Somewhere after Father Brown and in the midst of the ACMs I hauled out the Big Tree with finishing in my mind... yeah, like that was going to happen at that time of night.  
  • 2 books completed
    • Uh, no.  Someone forgot that not only did she have F1 in Bahrain (her personal fav track) but she also had an entire day of NHL playoffs and a non-existent Saturday due to working at the shop followed by an entire evening birthday fest for a friend (which involved a significant quantity of negrones and a dirty martini and, consequently, a difficultly waking up on Sunday) 
  • something actually cooked... in my kitchen!  
    • Oh that's a real howler.  
  • the dang pots back in the one cupboard I have in Maison d'Hovel's kitchen (the stovetop is looking like the leaning tower of cookware)
    • Maybe Wednesday  (not tonight or tomorrow -- those are The Voice/Top Gear nights)
  • winter clothes tucked away (rather than blocking my path to the closet of spring-appropriate choices)
    • Kinda.  I hung up or dumped into the laundry everything on the top of the pile.  Taht's a step, right?
  • progress on putting stash in some reasonably "away" place (Much as I love my stash I really don't need immediate access to it so it ought to get out of the way!)
    • Uh, no.
  • books on shelves ( love them too.... and don't have nearly enough shelf space, but they too need to be out of the way and where I can actually ind them)
    • Nope.  Looked at them thoughtfully though.  
Yes, I'd say my hopeful list worked about as well as it always does.  LOL

Go have yourself a beautiful day!


Pratchett thought of the day:

The Universe is a lot more complicated than it looks from the outside.Rob Anybody -- Wee Free Men


Kaisievic said...

Looks like great progress on all of your WIPs. Congrats to your friend, Ye, as well.

Preeti said...

Congrats to your friend !
Penguin is looking cute and you have made a good progress on your Ethel :)

Justine said...

Great progress Ruth! I love those new ornies you bought. You must have a trip to London once you've finished the London ornie. I'm not a huge fan of pigeons but we have some lovely wood pigeons around us and they are much prettier than the usual type we get here.

llknbillburg said...

I always look at a list as a series of goals I wish to accomplish with each one completed a small victory. Seldom are entire lists completed but individual items can be moved to a new list without guilt! Don't feel guilty. Be happy for what you've accomplished! Laura

Linda said...

Nice progress Ruth. I love that penguin.


Melissa said...

Wow, that's needlepoint, isn't it? It's my first time visiting your blog (and thanks for visiting mine). Ethel is my fav of the lot - so pretty!

Penguin's pretty cute too!

Thoeria said...

Ah always have me chuckling :D
I think you're making phenomenal progress on your weekly goals......actually ....the mere fact that you even *have* WEEKLY goals amaze me!!!

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

You did well accomplishing what you did. I agree with you - the penguin's expression is lovely.