Friday, April 17, 2015

About time?

Yes, I know I have been derelict in my duties, but apparently that is the story of my life.   Want a summary of what you have been "missing?"  Well ok then.

I have been working, and work has been annoying.  (status quo)
I have been stitching some.  (nothing particularly new in that)
I have been reading some.  (yes, still pretty predictably normal here)
I have been cleaning some. (ok, that I know is shocking)
I have not stashed a bit.  Oh wait, there was some thread, but I think maybe not--- Ethel has such a big bag of threads that go with her that it is hard to remember whether it was stuff already pulled for her or something new to replace a thread that I shouldn't have bothered with in the first place.

Here are some bits of progress -- some especially humorful.  

Leading the rank of the funny stories is my pathetic progress on my By the Bay Serenity Harbor SAL:

If you are doing Serenity, then you recognize this as about 1/4 of installment #1 --- and we are allegedly on installment #4 now.   The fun began with the roses which I wanted to be red like the Mr. Lincoln tree rose which I had bought my mom years ago.  So I picked 3 "perfect colors" and stitched away.  Oh man they didn't work at all once they were actually stitched-- perfect in skeins laying next to each other on the fabric, but not perfect stitched.  Sigh.  Rip.  Replace "the offending color."  Try.  Nope. Rip.  So I pulled EVERY FLIPPING red or red-ish floss or solid silk in the shop (about 30-40 choices), and I sat and played and compared and re compared and arranged and rearranged.  Finally picked the above 3, even though when sitting in the skeins they didn't quite please me.  I once again put the right-most rose in the picture in.  The colors worked, but it still didn't look right.  Looked at the pattern (which, mind you, had been firmly with me the entire time-- and which I had carefully followed and counted and recounted).  Guess what?   While I was VERY careful about my counting.  I was not careful enough about my symbol to thread matching.  Sigh.  Rip.  Replace.   Happy now.  What a dork!

In the last couple nights The Engineering has come out to play -- she's got more jeans now.  But now I'm thinking that the T-stitch which I was going to use for the legs of the overalls is too small to be bothered with.  This weekend maybe I'll find a new stitch for them......  stay tuned!

Ethel got two baskets last weekend.   A miracle!!!!!  This weekend is either going to be the other 3 baskets or more sky.   Probably sky --- what do you think -- I'm leaning towards putting in all the blue of the sky and then laying in the clouds in Whisper over it.  Thoughts?

In other inspirational news, we had art in action in the 'hood this week -- first we painted (sorry, I need to go find out the artist's name):

Then installed "artists" and neon

I liked the effect even though I never saw it at night.  I bet it was cool-- what can I say, I'm a color magpie apparently.

I'm going to close with what I hope will be an inspirational to-do list for the weekend for me.  I'm trying to get my act in gear... dammit stop laughing.  Ok, I know it's funny.  Me?  With an act in gear.  Pardon me while I snicker at myself.

Anyway, right this very moment I want be able to see some of the following accomplished by Monday:

  • Ethel progress -- those 3 small baskets and some sky
  • Mr. Engineer -- figure out new stitch for the pants
  • progress on Boothy -- this should not be so difficult dang it
  • a finish
  • 2 books completed
  • something actually cooked... in my kitchen!  
  • the dang pots back in the one cupboard I have in Maison d'Hovel's kitchen (the stovetop is looking like the leaning tower of cookware)
  • winter clothes tucked away (rather than blocking my path to the closet of spring-appropriate choices)
  • progress on putting stash in some reasonably "away" place (Much as I love my stash I really don't need immediate access to it so it ought to get out of the way!)
  • books on shelves ( love them too.... and don't have nearly enough shelf space, but they too need to be out of the way and where I can actually ind them)

 Let's see how I do by Monday.  I would cross my fingers, but I need them for all of the above.

Pratchett thought of the day:

You get a wonderful view from the point of no return.
Moist von Lipwig -- Making Money


llknbillburg said...

Lovely progress on your wips! I too am woefully behind on Serenity Harbor but hope to remedy that this weekend! Laura

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I know it took time to get sorted but I like your rose colour choices for 'By the Bay'. Sounds as if you are planning to have a busy weekend.

Deb said...

Intersting artwork.
Like your Serenity roses. Wow, i would have given up, but they look wonderful!
Love your cavases.
Cheering you on to get your list done. I think i have acomplished something if i get one thing, on a list, done.

Justine said...

I love your roses! Worth getting right.
That is an impressive to do list!